Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end is near

of 2009 but not from us. I am currently creating schedules..well sorta because a creative mind does not work on schedules.. but a plan can always be effective.. in what months should you work on what theme kind of thing. Its time for the close of the books to start anew for the next which includes inventory etc etc ..sometimes I think its a good thing I have an undergrad in accounting and can see how some get lost in the shuffle of record keeping, receipts etc etc. It requires a filing system of sort which is a toughy between artist and organizationist.. pffft

In the mean time I signed up for supplying samples of my soaps.. oh my.. so for january I am creating two types of shampoo bar - one tee trea & fir needle and the other with geranium & plumeria. I'm loving it.. they came out so good :) might actually have enough left over to sell whole bars :)

My second sample set will consist of winter fresh ...absolute devine smell of the elements and I am thinking the other with either passionfruit & rose or more of a eucalyptus-minty scent.

In addition to this, I am planning out valentinesday gift ideas..that will have to go into production real soon. And when that is not enough..well I sit around and crochet haha..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snowed in

So this past weekend I was literally snowed in and spend most of the time crocheting. I created some neat little wrist/hand warmers

In the mean time I signed up to create 200 samples for two different sample distributors/advertiser companies..who I just find awesome. The issue is now what kind of samples do I create? Well in one I am creating my shampoo bar because I heard that people are actually wanting this...its a blend of white tea, ginger and tea tree ...and then I am also creating a Winter Fresh scent..but that is a regular soap which are blended with sample scents from free gifts I received for supply purchases. It smells awesome with a hint of spearmint...

Something else I have been working on:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All grown up

So the website is now all grown up with functional shopping cart and all and it is sooo pretty. It still has some kinks I need to work out but for the most part appears to be least I hope so.. I tested all order buttons...and yeap everything went to the cart the way it was supposed to... well anyway...

I have a few orders that I need to be working on...I had 3 requests for these:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

We are growing up :)

In recent weeks I noted that my current website isn't really doing the job anymore and its time to grow up... today I spend searching for a new webhost that is more cost effective than my current one.. and am happy to say I got a very good deal on this.. I was looking at spending close to $500 on an e-commerce site and that just seemed a lot to me...well what I found allows me to spend much less than that.. yippie...the goal is to have a more functioning shopping cart because paypal sometimes has trouble recognizing that people may want to purchase more than one item. So after finally deciding to go with a webhosting company I spend the other part of the day creating the new look and feel of Hippie's Creations. It isn't really hippie per say but it does incorporate my favorite colors (purple & black) ..and I like it (A LOT BETTER). So yes we really have "grown" in many ways from simple looking site to a more sophisticated one...I am excited to reveal but this will still take some time because now I have to wait on the powers of domain transfer to do the other technical stuff and until the transfer is complete I cannot publish my newly created page. Which will allow me to play with it some more in hopes to get it "just right".

Well now that I have done this all day I must pay attention to the fingerless mittens that are on order

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Facial Soap with Scrubbies and such

So I made this facial soap probably a week ago and despite the hot process it needed some time to cure. I am extremely happy with this soap as it heavily consists of shea butter with olive oil, coconut and palm oil and evaporated milk. Since the fluid solution (whatever it may be) and lye get pretty daggone hot and the oils are pretty warm when they are mixed together, the milk got a little cooked. I am okay with this because this allows me to not add any color because sometiems the less additives we add the better and while I like to use mica powders in some of my soaps I tend to plan them out carefully allowing me to change it in the last minute if I am so inclined.. this is creativity now isn't it? I have made this in 2 inch rounds but also in squares.

Now to the scent of this, well.. umm I don't know how to describe it.. I added milk, honey and oatmeal fragrance oil and something was missing, so I added a little yuzu and boy this is something else.. it is so good that I have a difficult time describing what it really smells like because it doesn't really smell like what I put in but it certainly to me is the best smelling soap I have ever made and thats tough because I pretty much love all my soaps.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Sale

Yes, I too have a sale!

Free Shipping until November 30th, 2009 but in addition if you order over $30.00 I will take $5.00 of your order and ha you also get a free gift. Now this is a deal!

The sale is good in my etsy shop ..the shipping has already been discounted but I will have to adjust or refund you the $5.00 via pay pal. Its one of those things I don't really have control over.

Happy Thanksgiving and well Happy shopping.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Exfoliation and Explosion

I always use soaps that I make and so does my family...the other day I used my coffee and cream soap and I love it. What do I love about it? Well it smells good.. its coffee ( I am a coffee addict) and secondly..well it is probably the best exfoliating soap I have ever made or come across. Because it has coffee grounds, it exfoliates beautifully. It is quite harsh but boy it gets the job done...getting rid of that dead skin and other unseen things... I also have a what we call hunter's soap and if you like licorice ..well this soap is for you even if you don't has cornmeal added as exfoliation and is not quite as harsh as the coffee soap.

I like playing with ingredients that nature has given us and only use vegetable oils in my soap. I am also not a hunter but I don't disciminate even if my soaps are considered vegan I hope to create soaps for anyone and everyone. I am always looking for new things to this morning I used my sage infused oil and sage tea to make sage with lemonish fragrance soap. It is made from olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil and palm oil and also uses the sage that was used to infuse the oil and water as well as ground sage. It also has oil that had been infused with lemon peel. Since I use the hot press method...I did what I always do.. I put it in the oven...let sit for oh 15 min and then check on it etc the mean time I line my mold and get things kinda ready..essential oils and so forth.. and the things I wanted to use for natural coloring such as the ground sage..after all that..which really didn't take me a long time and I checked the oven.. umm I had soap going over the top... yikes.. I stirred it down added my ground fragrance combination of lavender, lime, lemongrass, orange and litsea ..and poured it into the mold.. this is the second time I had this happen but the oil combination is different than I what I normally use but I am out of avocado oil..blah well we'll see tomorrow what the saved soap looks like..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I love what I do

So I sell at a few venues like Etsy and my own domain and while things are slow going I am driven to be successful. The issue I seem to run into is that I perhaps I do too much..meaning that in order to be successful in the online domain I should merely cater to one category thus having one domain/shop for bath & beauty and a different one for my art work. However, that isn't me. My shops represent who I am..a hippie who follows the pagan ways and essentially a nonconformist ..which a nonconformist is in many ways what a hippie is..isn't it? I like art and I like crafts and I like the world of arts & crafts. I tend to find something I like such as the wood burning and practice it until I am satisfied with my skills ..but the learning never stops and while I have been told I produce awesome work and have sold a piece and commissioned another there I still see room for improvement.. I am always the student..the same holds true with my soaps.. I love them.. I found my recipe and use them regular and love the outcome.. I like to use a lot of natural products and even foods and herbs.. right now I have sage laying in olive oil... and sage insfused water.. for a sage soap..I don't have sage fragrance but I have many others that I can use.. but I love the idea of using nature in my products..what the earth gives with taketh but it is done in appreciation and gratidude of the ability to grow the vegetables and herbs I tend to use in my soaps and again I am always the student...

This morning I went searching for varies lotion recipes just to see what other individuals and companies use as their base and I saw a lot of almond oil and apricot oil.. hmm not something I had in my inventory..but I had some hemp oil and some jojoba oil, remnants of avocado oil and shea butter.. I ended up with 5 bathes of different lotions...and I love all of them. Not only do they feel good but they smell good and each of them has glycerin added.

Now I must turn to creating some labels that are attractive, fit around the bottle and represent Hippie's Creations...A variety shop of bath & beauty, jewelry, pyrography and accessories. Everything is handmade and crafted in our pet-friendly home, smoke-free environment.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's been a busy morning in my kitchen :o)

So I set a schedule with daily task that I want and need to accomplish. I have never been one much for a schedule routine ..blame the artist in me.. but the other part is that I don't get all the things done I need to do or even want to do. So we now have time to write, make soap, woodburn, sketch, crochet and other personal things such as school work.

This morning started out good and while I was a little behind said schedule I appear now to be back on track with time, and I feel pretty good about it. So this morning I made cranberry apple soap with accomodating bath bombs.. and yes it smells as good as it sounds...can you say YUMMY? Of course these are not recommended for food consumption as I don't think they will make your stomach relax or clean but rather make you feel quite terrible. Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures with you of the the soap in the mold and the bath bombs as they are hardening waiting ot be packaged.

So these will be ready in a few days :o) Generally I like to use the Hot Press method as the curing time is a lot faster than with the cold press method and they could be ready in about 48 hours, sometimes less but I like to have a little extra time. The cold press method is faster in prep time but requires the soap to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks ..the longer the soap cures the milder it becomes
So look forward to seeing pictures with the unmolded and cut soap in a few days.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gift Bags, Gift Bags, Gift Bags

In recent days I have finished more gift bags and opened the door to perhaps create your own scented creations.. I currently have a complete set of Raspberry or Lilac Freesia ..but I also have butterscotch soap with out chill out lotion and vacation bath fizzes .. I am currently taking requests on scents you might be interested in and if you order from my etsy store with the code novetsy19 will receive free shipping (this is good until the end of the months). I will have to adjust your invoice in paypal or refund you your money for the shipping, more work on my side but that's okay.. so check out the other beautiful creations:

I am a little disappointed that a new artisan market has declined me for a shop but wanted to point it is not due to my abilities but that they look for a mix of products and an overall aesthetic that complements their brand and reflects the subjective vision and I suppose I don't fit their bill? Rejection is never easy but I find that I am frustrated in companies that want to promote handmade but then don't...well that is my perception anyway
On the positive not I did have sale in my etsy shop and that is encouraging to me so, YAY!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Something new

I like gift bags, but I don't like just any gift bags :o) I decided to crochet my own gift bags and make them available to you with a complete set of soap, lotion and bath fizz. They are useful for you to give them to family and friends and then they can use them for gift bags continuing with the purpose of recycling :o) I have currently one set available in my Etsy Store and am working on more as I am typing this (multi-tasking is a beautiful thing).

Monday, November 2, 2009

Felted Soap with Llama Wool

The other day, on the last day of Farmer's Market for the season in our lil town, I purchased some llama wool. I have since then created llama felted soap. I crochet little bags that I placed my own handmade soap in it, closed it up and felted the wool. I really like how they came out. This are beautiful for gentle exfoliation of your skin. They are listed in my etsy shop

In addition I have crochet and listed bath mitten and wash cloth set and small soap bags.

In the next few days I am planning on listing a few more things that have been in the works. I have lots more wash cloths but also some jewelry that I finally managed to take pictures off.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's about giving back!

If you have ever visited my site then you will surely have come across my social change page. My social change/responsibilty/giving-back project is about giving back to my community. I have established to donate not only funds but products to local organizations. In 2010 it is my goal to add at least two more organizations. I am currently supporting PACEM which is an organization for individuals without a home, and the ARC of Piedmont that is enriching the lives of intellectual disabled.

I want to talk a bit about why those organizations? Several reasons come to mind!

For one, I am a mom of a child with disabilities and if you read my other blog you will learn about that a little more. In 2008 I started to work for the Arc of Piedmont and in recent months stepped down to relief staff. I absolutely love what I do and it is always a good feeling when individuals achieve goals they are striving for. Too many times people take things for granted, such as the ability to go anywhere or the ability to cook food. In addition, the ability to get around or communicate can be challenging when there is so much emphasis on communication. Furthermore, in my work I have not experienced judgment by any of them. There is no criticism, there is no hate, there is no right or wrong, there is simply advocating for them and making sure the experience life just like everybody else. If my son could never live on his own and required support, then this is the place I would want him to live. The staff is awesome and caring. This is also why I have decided to have them on my list of giving back to as they have given me so much!

Now why do I support PACEM? In my lifetime I have experienced what it means to be without a home, to be without food, to be without any belongings, the inability to take a shower. It is a very degrading and humilating feeling. Again we often take too many things for granted and we think we deserve them, should own them or what have you. For some that isn't the case. I know that in my time I have learned that "some" individuals think that the homeless could/should do something about their situation. Perhaps true, but what if, I mean what if this individual has a mental disorder, or simply lost his or her job (in our economy) and could afford to pay their bills. They then must live in cars, under bridges and maybe reach out to homeless shelters. The shelters (for most) require public assistance (us the society) and if I can make one person feel special with their own handmade soap or lotion, just for them...then that will brighten their day, and perhaps give them a glimpse of hope.

In the future I am hoping to add the National Urea Cycle Foundation, again I will refer you to my other blog as to my reasons why! After my son's diagnosis the foundation was one of the first organizations to allow me to be educated about our "new" situation, get me in contact with other individuals and so forth. I hope that my support to the NUCF will contribute to the ongoing research that is so necessary to save other children's, perhaps with a lesser ordeal that a liver transplant. Too many children and adults are still lost to this rare genetic disorder that often is hereditary.

As to my fourth organization...well this is where you come in. I want to hear from you what you are passionate about and what is important to help our society. One thing can mean so much to another person.

Thanks for reading my post :o)

Hippie’s Creations is a variety shop of bath & beauty, jewelry, pyrography and accessories.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Special

Halloween (Hallow's Eve) is my favorite day of the year so this year I decided to have the following special:

10% off all Bath & Beauty Products ~ Soaps, Lotions, Lip Balms

20% off all Jewelry

25% off on all Wood burnings

This sale is good only for available items and does not apply for special requests and commissions, but be on the look out for future specials coming up.

The sale will end at midnight on October 31, 2009.

Hippie’s Creations is a variety shop of bath & beauty, jewelry, pyrography and accessories.

The chance

to create more soap happened about a week ago. I actually made four batches in one day using the Hot Press method (which is my preferred method during summer/fall time). During the winter months, I will more than likely use the cold press method as its one, two, three and done :o) What I like about the hot press method is that in 24 hours I can have usable soap, with the cold press method, well they need at least 4 weeks to cure before one could consider using them.

This is Coffee & Cream Soap. The base is made with brewed coffee and was then separated. The darker side is the coffee side in which I added coffee grounds (organic ones) to the soap, and the lighter side is the cream side in which I added powedered milk (fortified with Vitamin A & D). The word is that coffee soap is good for getting smells of you, your body and your hands. For instance, slice and cook with garlic and onion like I do alot? Then this is the soap to use to wash your hands. The coffee grounds in the soap act as an exfoliant ~ everyone needs a little scrubbin'. How does it smell? Omg like Mocha Latte at its best ~ and yes I am a coffee fanatic :o)

Butterscotch at its finest. This soap, omg, really smells so good that you'd want to eat it.

Hunter's Soap is made with Anise, Mint and a splash of vanilla. It also contains cornmeal for exfoliation. It is said that the anise will "rid" of the human scent that gives the hunter away to the animal thus allowing the hunter to get closer to the prey. I am not a hunter and also don't eat game meat but my family does (ugh to each their own!)

And last but not least the limited edition soap is my pumpkin spice muffin soap. Since I use the hot press method I was able to fill my muffin pan with the soap mix and allow to cool..voila muffin soap. The soap contains mashed sweet potatoes for coloring and fragrances that well if you like pumpkin you will want a pie.

These soaps are currently available on our website

Thanks for visiting :o)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Organizations and Schedules

I am in the process of developing a schedule that will fit our crazy house, but hope with the schedule some organization comes into play. Maintaining materials for my business among our living space is often quite challenging and makes things look cluttered, but hey we do what we can right? In the mean time, the process started with updating the website: Hippie's Creations. It has a semi-new look but I am hoping that one day I can gear towards a merchant website, for that however I require a little bit more sales to cover the overhead!

Overall the Dragon Lover Woodburning is coming along well, matter of fact a few more hours and it shall be done. My mind does not lack creativity, but there is that lack of time sometimes we must deal with among other things.

I hope you have a nice day

Friday, October 9, 2009

Unwanted Interruptions

I am currently working on another wood burning on a heart shaped plaque just fitting for two dragons forming a heart :o) This last week however my right shoulder plate and shoulder have been invaded with pain. I never in the past had shoulder problems before (just knees and ankles..we blame it on being a gymnist who acquired athritis way too early). I managed to get about half the dragon done before my shoulder cried out in for the moment my wood burning will be created in baby steps until I can figure out what is going. Here is the pic of the work in progress:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Commission Work

I was finally able to finish the commission that has been waiting on being completed. I haven't brought it to the lady that ordered it yet, but I do hope she likes it as much as the other one she had ordered!

The challenge with light-colored dogs is that you don't want to burn to dark so that it doesn't look like a different dog. The challenge with dark dogs that burning black is sometimes a challenge as well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


the Farmer's Market Season is coming to an end but don't dispair there are plenty events during the winter to keep things going. I just signed up for the Fluvanna Meals on Wheels Event on November 7th. It's a great cause supporting our community. Of course if you know me, my business and my website you know that I donate part of my profits and product to local organizations. I am a strong supporter of the Arc of Piedmont that enriches the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities, but also organizations that help with shelter for homeless individuals at this time PACEM is on the list but I am always willing to learn about other organizations that could make good use of handmade soap, or crochet hats, scarfs and who knows what else.

Tomorrow I will be taking pictures of the items I have created currently sitting in my display box and will be posting them on my website :o) New items include soap, jewelry and a new wood burning :o)

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's been a zoo around here

and I hope to find a better schedule to blog something more frequently. Farm Day went well, not as successful as I had hoped, and while people's pockets may be tight around the belt, I must still push forward. Since making the decision to work full-time in my business so that I have more time at home I am trying to find new opportunities to market, advertise and get the word out. Its a challenge but without hard work I don't think we will succeed. Thanks to a wonderful post on another blog, I am once again and continue to be inspired by what I do..I love art, I love crafting and I love handmade! It's my passion and I have the ability to do a little bit of everything. I have hopes and I have dreams and now I am working in a plan to make them happen!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gearing up for Old Farm Day

October 3rd is Old Farm Day in Fluvanna..and yes I am a vendor. The last few days I have collaborated the kind of inventory I want to have on hand, the creations I want to offer to the public and narrowed down a good list of soaps and things to have. So far I have created matching lilac set, each set carries soap, lotion and bath fizz! This morning I unmolded and cut the raspberry delight I created yesterday, and without even trying I managed to swirl it quite nicely. Will have to remember my

Visit or for available soaps, lotions, fizzes, art on wood and more.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting back into the groove

I have been extremely busy with other things and not so much the business side of life. I regularly go to the local Farmer's Market (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday) and have regular life happening in between. As I recently stopped working full time outside of the home, I am still in the process of working on a schedule that I can work with such as creating soaps and fizzes as well as continue to manage to do my homework and tend to the family.

Onward to the newest creations I have is the bath dreams with Vacation Bath Fizzes or is it Bath Vacation Fizzes? Not Sure...

I am going to try and get onto the blog a little more regular as things have settled down a bit and talk about the different things I want to do, am doing and creating and even perhaps bits and pieces of the newsletter? I am excited about the new venture...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hippie’s Creations

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Happenings

I have been busy once again. On my shelf I currently have curing some patchouli with lavender, passion fruit with baby rose, green tea with tea leaves, orange-spice and orange-spice cube confetti. These will be ready mid August to end of August.

I am pleased to tell you that the lip balms of watermelon and mint julep have been a huge success. People are buying them like crazy :o)

In October I am hoping to be part of Old Farm Days in Fluvanna County and hope to see some of you there :o) but I hope to see you at the Farmer’s Market as well :o)

I am currently in the process of creating tagua nut pendants and coordinating necklace strands. Some of them may only have a simply cord, which can be adjusted to your size, others will have a macramé cord for fanciness.

So what is tagua nut you ask? Tagua nut is often referred to the vegetable ivory, because it does get as hard as animal ivory, has the similar if not same color of ivory. The advantage of this nut? No animals are being harmed in the process of harvesting the nut, drying the nut, slicing the nut and shipping the nut.

I have a few of them ready to go, but if you are interested in a special request in design, please e-mail me at

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things are happening ...

So we have expanded some of our products. We are happy to announce that we offer crochet items, but also more Bath & Beauty products such as lotions and lip balms. We have updated our website and added a social change statement. I always wanted to give back to my community and thanks to and their own statement in social responsibility, I developed ways in which I can contribute but also make a declaration in how I was about to do it. Thanks Ann Marie, for given me a place to start in how I can make such a statement and thanks for have such a good array of supplies so I can continue to be creative.

In the works we now have lotions that are also handmade and currently have a few 2 oz. bottles on the website. Within the next day or so I will ad some 4 oz. lotions that I have made.

So come visit and check us out.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feature and Project

So I was asked today if I wanted to be featured in our local newspaper ...which will appear in August. I am super excited about this! My first true exposure!!!

Also I am creating a new project. I recently started to crochet you can see...and I decided that some of this talent and other crochet artist talents should go towards a nice cause. My son spend a lot of time in the hospital as you can see on my other blog so I want to to crochet animals for all the children that have a stay at the children's hospital at UVA. We have received blankets and animals during our time ...and this is going to be a nice way to make other kids feel a little better as they are hooked to IV lines, tubes and other machines. I am looking for other crochet artist willing to participate and contribute. It doesn't matter what animal because any animal will do. I will distribute them to the hospital, if you are interested please e-mail me at

Friday, June 12, 2009

Success in Cold Press and Hot Press Soap Making

I am very excited these days. I appear to have mastered the skill of making cold press and hot press soaps. I do not know which I like best because both have their useful you let sit for weeks to cure (CP), while others are ready just about after they come out of the mold (HP). With either methods I feel the possiblities are endless. So here are some pictures of my success (Oatmeal & Honey; Ginger; Rosehip-Jasmine; Rosehip-Jasmine-Energy)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hippie's has a newsletter! Until I can get it setup on the blog here to subscribe you can hop on over to Hippie's Creations and sign up. You have the option to receive the Newsletter in print or in e-mail. It will entail tidbits about what we do at Hippie's Creations, some historical information, works in progress and other noteworthy items and even some odds and ends.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I believe in giving back

Hippie's Creations is now participating in giving back to the community. For every soap that is sold, we are donating 1 oz. soaps to local shelters and $0.50 to non-profit organizations at the end of each month, beginning in May 2009.

I am fortunate enough, while struggling, to have the basic needs met. I have been down various roads of foster care, teenage mom, single mom, mom of a special needs child and learned that giving back to people, helping people makes me feel good. I am hoping that with our soaps at Hippie's Creations we can make other people feel good. It may not be much, but as the business grows so will the donation. People need to be appreciated and recognized no matter their situation and/or their disability, no matter where they come from, no matter their religion and ethnic background.

Thank you for listening and thank you for helping Hippie's Creations giving back to their community.


Petra Monaco

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sweet Almond

This soap as the scent of Sweet Almond. It's very light but quite nice.

All soaps can be purchased at Hippie's Creations

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soap o' Soap

Three more additional scents ~ Anise-Lavender ~ Rosehip-Jasmine ~ Rosemary-Lemon

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marakesh & Vanilla

Marakesh has a morrocan feel or rather scent... its masculine.. but smells mighty fine :o) This one has a touch of vanilla added, and it works quite nicely together I think.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hippie's Creations will be offering soap. A few batches have already been completed, and are ready for sale at . Scents are Roship-Jasimine-Energy, Hungarian Lavender - Rosemary, Lemon-Lemongrass-Orange and more.