Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feature and Project

So I was asked today if I wanted to be featured in our local newspaper ...which will appear in August. I am super excited about this! My first true exposure!!!

Also I am creating a new project. I recently started to crochet again..as you can see...and I decided that some of this talent and other crochet artist talents should go towards a nice cause. My son spend a lot of time in the hospital as you can see on my other blog lsucd.blogspot.com so I want to to crochet animals for all the children that have a stay at the children's hospital at UVA. We have received blankets and animals during our time ...and this is going to be a nice way to make other kids feel a little better as they are hooked to IV lines, tubes and other machines. I am looking for other crochet artist willing to participate and contribute. It doesn't matter what animal because any animal will do. I will distribute them to the hospital, if you are interested please e-mail me at admin@hippiescreations.com

Friday, June 12, 2009

Success in Cold Press and Hot Press Soap Making

I am very excited these days. I appear to have mastered the skill of making cold press and hot press soaps. I do not know which I like best because both have their useful purpose..one you let sit for weeks to cure (CP), while others are ready just about after they come out of the mold (HP). With either methods I feel the possiblities are endless. So here are some pictures of my success (Oatmeal & Honey; Ginger; Rosehip-Jasmine; Rosehip-Jasmine-Energy)