Monday, October 26, 2009

The chance

to create more soap happened about a week ago. I actually made four batches in one day using the Hot Press method (which is my preferred method during summer/fall time). During the winter months, I will more than likely use the cold press method as its one, two, three and done :o) What I like about the hot press method is that in 24 hours I can have usable soap, with the cold press method, well they need at least 4 weeks to cure before one could consider using them.

This is Coffee & Cream Soap. The base is made with brewed coffee and was then separated. The darker side is the coffee side in which I added coffee grounds (organic ones) to the soap, and the lighter side is the cream side in which I added powedered milk (fortified with Vitamin A & D). The word is that coffee soap is good for getting smells of you, your body and your hands. For instance, slice and cook with garlic and onion like I do alot? Then this is the soap to use to wash your hands. The coffee grounds in the soap act as an exfoliant ~ everyone needs a little scrubbin'. How does it smell? Omg like Mocha Latte at its best ~ and yes I am a coffee fanatic :o)

Butterscotch at its finest. This soap, omg, really smells so good that you'd want to eat it.

Hunter's Soap is made with Anise, Mint and a splash of vanilla. It also contains cornmeal for exfoliation. It is said that the anise will "rid" of the human scent that gives the hunter away to the animal thus allowing the hunter to get closer to the prey. I am not a hunter and also don't eat game meat but my family does (ugh to each their own!)

And last but not least the limited edition soap is my pumpkin spice muffin soap. Since I use the hot press method I was able to fill my muffin pan with the soap mix and allow to cool..voila muffin soap. The soap contains mashed sweet potatoes for coloring and fragrances that well if you like pumpkin you will want a pie.

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