Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's about giving back!

If you have ever visited my site then you will surely have come across my social change page. My social change/responsibilty/giving-back project is about giving back to my community. I have established to donate not only funds but products to local organizations. In 2010 it is my goal to add at least two more organizations. I am currently supporting PACEM which is an organization for individuals without a home, and the ARC of Piedmont that is enriching the lives of intellectual disabled.

I want to talk a bit about why those organizations? Several reasons come to mind!

For one, I am a mom of a child with disabilities and if you read my other blog you will learn about that a little more. In 2008 I started to work for the Arc of Piedmont and in recent months stepped down to relief staff. I absolutely love what I do and it is always a good feeling when individuals achieve goals they are striving for. Too many times people take things for granted, such as the ability to go anywhere or the ability to cook food. In addition, the ability to get around or communicate can be challenging when there is so much emphasis on communication. Furthermore, in my work I have not experienced judgment by any of them. There is no criticism, there is no hate, there is no right or wrong, there is simply advocating for them and making sure the experience life just like everybody else. If my son could never live on his own and required support, then this is the place I would want him to live. The staff is awesome and caring. This is also why I have decided to have them on my list of giving back to as they have given me so much!

Now why do I support PACEM? In my lifetime I have experienced what it means to be without a home, to be without food, to be without any belongings, the inability to take a shower. It is a very degrading and humilating feeling. Again we often take too many things for granted and we think we deserve them, should own them or what have you. For some that isn't the case. I know that in my time I have learned that "some" individuals think that the homeless could/should do something about their situation. Perhaps true, but what if, I mean what if this individual has a mental disorder, or simply lost his or her job (in our economy) and could afford to pay their bills. They then must live in cars, under bridges and maybe reach out to homeless shelters. The shelters (for most) require public assistance (us the society) and if I can make one person feel special with their own handmade soap or lotion, just for them...then that will brighten their day, and perhaps give them a glimpse of hope.

In the future I am hoping to add the National Urea Cycle Foundation, again I will refer you to my other blog as to my reasons why! After my son's diagnosis the foundation was one of the first organizations to allow me to be educated about our "new" situation, get me in contact with other individuals and so forth. I hope that my support to the NUCF will contribute to the ongoing research that is so necessary to save other children's, perhaps with a lesser ordeal that a liver transplant. Too many children and adults are still lost to this rare genetic disorder that often is hereditary.

As to my fourth organization...well this is where you come in. I want to hear from you what you are passionate about and what is important to help our society. One thing can mean so much to another person.

Thanks for reading my post :o)

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