Monday, October 12, 2009

Organizations and Schedules

I am in the process of developing a schedule that will fit our crazy house, but hope with the schedule some organization comes into play. Maintaining materials for my business among our living space is often quite challenging and makes things look cluttered, but hey we do what we can right? In the mean time, the process started with updating the website: Hippie's Creations. It has a semi-new look but I am hoping that one day I can gear towards a merchant website, for that however I require a little bit more sales to cover the overhead!

Overall the Dragon Lover Woodburning is coming along well, matter of fact a few more hours and it shall be done. My mind does not lack creativity, but there is that lack of time sometimes we must deal with among other things.

I hope you have a nice day


Magaly Guerrero said...

I understand you 100% I'm working on a schedule to fit my fiction writing and the rest of my life and it is not easy. I'm always saying that I'll put some time aside for entering writing contests, blogging, working on my MS, researching Eclectic Spirituality... the list keeps on growing and growing and my life is a real mess, but it is such fun too.

By the way, welcome to Pagan Culture. I'm now following your site too--absolutely love the name and can't wait to see if your creativity rubs on (I'm so not crafty lol)