Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Sale

Yes, I too have a sale!

Free Shipping until November 30th, 2009 but in addition if you order over $30.00 I will take $5.00 of your order and ha you also get a free gift. Now this is a deal!

The sale is good in my etsy shop ..the shipping has already been discounted but I will have to adjust or refund you the $5.00 via pay pal. Its one of those things I don't really have control over.

Happy Thanksgiving and well Happy shopping.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Exfoliation and Explosion

I always use soaps that I make and so does my family...the other day I used my coffee and cream soap and I love it. What do I love about it? Well it smells good.. its coffee ( I am a coffee addict) and secondly..well it is probably the best exfoliating soap I have ever made or come across. Because it has coffee grounds, it exfoliates beautifully. It is quite harsh but boy it gets the job done...getting rid of that dead skin and other unseen things... I also have a what we call hunter's soap and if you like licorice ..well this soap is for you even if you don't has cornmeal added as exfoliation and is not quite as harsh as the coffee soap.

I like playing with ingredients that nature has given us and only use vegetable oils in my soap. I am also not a hunter but I don't disciminate even if my soaps are considered vegan I hope to create soaps for anyone and everyone. I am always looking for new things to this morning I used my sage infused oil and sage tea to make sage with lemonish fragrance soap. It is made from olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil and palm oil and also uses the sage that was used to infuse the oil and water as well as ground sage. It also has oil that had been infused with lemon peel. Since I use the hot press method...I did what I always do.. I put it in the oven...let sit for oh 15 min and then check on it etc the mean time I line my mold and get things kinda ready..essential oils and so forth.. and the things I wanted to use for natural coloring such as the ground sage..after all that..which really didn't take me a long time and I checked the oven.. umm I had soap going over the top... yikes.. I stirred it down added my ground fragrance combination of lavender, lime, lemongrass, orange and litsea ..and poured it into the mold.. this is the second time I had this happen but the oil combination is different than I what I normally use but I am out of avocado oil..blah well we'll see tomorrow what the saved soap looks like..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I love what I do

So I sell at a few venues like Etsy and my own domain and while things are slow going I am driven to be successful. The issue I seem to run into is that I perhaps I do too much..meaning that in order to be successful in the online domain I should merely cater to one category thus having one domain/shop for bath & beauty and a different one for my art work. However, that isn't me. My shops represent who I am..a hippie who follows the pagan ways and essentially a nonconformist ..which a nonconformist is in many ways what a hippie is..isn't it? I like art and I like crafts and I like the world of arts & crafts. I tend to find something I like such as the wood burning and practice it until I am satisfied with my skills ..but the learning never stops and while I have been told I produce awesome work and have sold a piece and commissioned another there I still see room for improvement.. I am always the student..the same holds true with my soaps.. I love them.. I found my recipe and use them regular and love the outcome.. I like to use a lot of natural products and even foods and herbs.. right now I have sage laying in olive oil... and sage insfused water.. for a sage soap..I don't have sage fragrance but I have many others that I can use.. but I love the idea of using nature in my products..what the earth gives with taketh but it is done in appreciation and gratidude of the ability to grow the vegetables and herbs I tend to use in my soaps and again I am always the student...

This morning I went searching for varies lotion recipes just to see what other individuals and companies use as their base and I saw a lot of almond oil and apricot oil.. hmm not something I had in my inventory..but I had some hemp oil and some jojoba oil, remnants of avocado oil and shea butter.. I ended up with 5 bathes of different lotions...and I love all of them. Not only do they feel good but they smell good and each of them has glycerin added.

Now I must turn to creating some labels that are attractive, fit around the bottle and represent Hippie's Creations...A variety shop of bath & beauty, jewelry, pyrography and accessories. Everything is handmade and crafted in our pet-friendly home, smoke-free environment.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's been a busy morning in my kitchen :o)

So I set a schedule with daily task that I want and need to accomplish. I have never been one much for a schedule routine ..blame the artist in me.. but the other part is that I don't get all the things done I need to do or even want to do. So we now have time to write, make soap, woodburn, sketch, crochet and other personal things such as school work.

This morning started out good and while I was a little behind said schedule I appear now to be back on track with time, and I feel pretty good about it. So this morning I made cranberry apple soap with accomodating bath bombs.. and yes it smells as good as it sounds...can you say YUMMY? Of course these are not recommended for food consumption as I don't think they will make your stomach relax or clean but rather make you feel quite terrible. Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures with you of the the soap in the mold and the bath bombs as they are hardening waiting ot be packaged.

So these will be ready in a few days :o) Generally I like to use the Hot Press method as the curing time is a lot faster than with the cold press method and they could be ready in about 48 hours, sometimes less but I like to have a little extra time. The cold press method is faster in prep time but requires the soap to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks ..the longer the soap cures the milder it becomes
So look forward to seeing pictures with the unmolded and cut soap in a few days.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gift Bags, Gift Bags, Gift Bags

In recent days I have finished more gift bags and opened the door to perhaps create your own scented creations.. I currently have a complete set of Raspberry or Lilac Freesia ..but I also have butterscotch soap with out chill out lotion and vacation bath fizzes .. I am currently taking requests on scents you might be interested in and if you order from my etsy store with the code novetsy19 will receive free shipping (this is good until the end of the months). I will have to adjust your invoice in paypal or refund you your money for the shipping, more work on my side but that's okay.. so check out the other beautiful creations:

I am a little disappointed that a new artisan market has declined me for a shop but wanted to point it is not due to my abilities but that they look for a mix of products and an overall aesthetic that complements their brand and reflects the subjective vision and I suppose I don't fit their bill? Rejection is never easy but I find that I am frustrated in companies that want to promote handmade but then don't...well that is my perception anyway
On the positive not I did have sale in my etsy shop and that is encouraging to me so, YAY!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Something new

I like gift bags, but I don't like just any gift bags :o) I decided to crochet my own gift bags and make them available to you with a complete set of soap, lotion and bath fizz. They are useful for you to give them to family and friends and then they can use them for gift bags continuing with the purpose of recycling :o) I have currently one set available in my Etsy Store and am working on more as I am typing this (multi-tasking is a beautiful thing).

Monday, November 2, 2009

Felted Soap with Llama Wool

The other day, on the last day of Farmer's Market for the season in our lil town, I purchased some llama wool. I have since then created llama felted soap. I crochet little bags that I placed my own handmade soap in it, closed it up and felted the wool. I really like how they came out. This are beautiful for gentle exfoliation of your skin. They are listed in my etsy shop

In addition I have crochet and listed bath mitten and wash cloth set and small soap bags.

In the next few days I am planning on listing a few more things that have been in the works. I have lots more wash cloths but also some jewelry that I finally managed to take pictures off.