Monday, November 23, 2009

Exfoliation and Explosion

I always use soaps that I make and so does my family...the other day I used my coffee and cream soap and I love it. What do I love about it? Well it smells good.. its coffee ( I am a coffee addict) and secondly..well it is probably the best exfoliating soap I have ever made or come across. Because it has coffee grounds, it exfoliates beautifully. It is quite harsh but boy it gets the job done...getting rid of that dead skin and other unseen things... I also have a what we call hunter's soap and if you like licorice ..well this soap is for you even if you don't has cornmeal added as exfoliation and is not quite as harsh as the coffee soap.

I like playing with ingredients that nature has given us and only use vegetable oils in my soap. I am also not a hunter but I don't disciminate even if my soaps are considered vegan I hope to create soaps for anyone and everyone. I am always looking for new things to this morning I used my sage infused oil and sage tea to make sage with lemonish fragrance soap. It is made from olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil and palm oil and also uses the sage that was used to infuse the oil and water as well as ground sage. It also has oil that had been infused with lemon peel. Since I use the hot press method...I did what I always do.. I put it in the oven...let sit for oh 15 min and then check on it etc the mean time I line my mold and get things kinda ready..essential oils and so forth.. and the things I wanted to use for natural coloring such as the ground sage..after all that..which really didn't take me a long time and I checked the oven.. umm I had soap going over the top... yikes.. I stirred it down added my ground fragrance combination of lavender, lime, lemongrass, orange and litsea ..and poured it into the mold.. this is the second time I had this happen but the oil combination is different than I what I normally use but I am out of avocado oil..blah well we'll see tomorrow what the saved soap looks like..


Magaly Guerrero said...

Mmmm, exfoliating with coffee soup sounds yummy!

I think it is really cool that you use natural ingredients. I wish I knew how to make soup ;(