Saturday, November 14, 2009

I love what I do

So I sell at a few venues like Etsy and my own domain and while things are slow going I am driven to be successful. The issue I seem to run into is that I perhaps I do too much..meaning that in order to be successful in the online domain I should merely cater to one category thus having one domain/shop for bath & beauty and a different one for my art work. However, that isn't me. My shops represent who I am..a hippie who follows the pagan ways and essentially a nonconformist ..which a nonconformist is in many ways what a hippie is..isn't it? I like art and I like crafts and I like the world of arts & crafts. I tend to find something I like such as the wood burning and practice it until I am satisfied with my skills ..but the learning never stops and while I have been told I produce awesome work and have sold a piece and commissioned another there I still see room for improvement.. I am always the student..the same holds true with my soaps.. I love them.. I found my recipe and use them regular and love the outcome.. I like to use a lot of natural products and even foods and herbs.. right now I have sage laying in olive oil... and sage insfused water.. for a sage soap..I don't have sage fragrance but I have many others that I can use.. but I love the idea of using nature in my products..what the earth gives with taketh but it is done in appreciation and gratidude of the ability to grow the vegetables and herbs I tend to use in my soaps and again I am always the student...

This morning I went searching for varies lotion recipes just to see what other individuals and companies use as their base and I saw a lot of almond oil and apricot oil.. hmm not something I had in my inventory..but I had some hemp oil and some jojoba oil, remnants of avocado oil and shea butter.. I ended up with 5 bathes of different lotions...and I love all of them. Not only do they feel good but they smell good and each of them has glycerin added.

Now I must turn to creating some labels that are attractive, fit around the bottle and represent Hippie's Creations...A variety shop of bath & beauty, jewelry, pyrography and accessories. Everything is handmade and crafted in our pet-friendly home, smoke-free environment.