Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end is near

of 2009 but not from us. I am currently creating schedules..well sorta because a creative mind does not work on schedules.. but a plan can always be effective.. in what months should you work on what theme kind of thing. Its time for the close of the books to start anew for the next which includes inventory etc etc ..sometimes I think its a good thing I have an undergrad in accounting and can see how some get lost in the shuffle of record keeping, receipts etc etc. It requires a filing system of sort which is a toughy between artist and organizationist.. pffft

In the mean time I signed up for supplying samples of my soaps.. oh my.. so for january I am creating two types of shampoo bar - one tee trea & fir needle and the other with geranium & plumeria. I'm loving it.. they came out so good :) might actually have enough left over to sell whole bars :)

My second sample set will consist of winter fresh ...absolute devine smell of the elements and I am thinking the other with either passionfruit & rose or more of a eucalyptus-minty scent.

In addition to this, I am planning out valentinesday gift ideas..that will have to go into production real soon. And when that is not enough..well I sit around and crochet haha..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snowed in

So this past weekend I was literally snowed in and spend most of the time crocheting. I created some neat little wrist/hand warmers

In the mean time I signed up to create 200 samples for two different sample distributors/advertiser companies..who I just find awesome. The issue is now what kind of samples do I create? Well in one I am creating my shampoo bar because I heard that people are actually wanting this...its a blend of white tea, ginger and tea tree ...and then I am also creating a Winter Fresh scent..but that is a regular soap which are blended with sample scents from free gifts I received for supply purchases. It smells awesome with a hint of spearmint...

Something else I have been working on:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All grown up

So the website is now all grown up with functional shopping cart and all and it is sooo pretty. It still has some kinks I need to work out but for the most part appears to be least I hope so.. I tested all order buttons...and yeap everything went to the cart the way it was supposed to... well anyway...

I have a few orders that I need to be working on...I had 3 requests for these:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

We are growing up :)

In recent weeks I noted that my current website isn't really doing the job anymore and its time to grow up... today I spend searching for a new webhost that is more cost effective than my current one.. and am happy to say I got a very good deal on this.. I was looking at spending close to $500 on an e-commerce site and that just seemed a lot to me...well what I found allows me to spend much less than that.. yippie...the goal is to have a more functioning shopping cart because paypal sometimes has trouble recognizing that people may want to purchase more than one item. So after finally deciding to go with a webhosting company I spend the other part of the day creating the new look and feel of Hippie's Creations. It isn't really hippie per say but it does incorporate my favorite colors (purple & black) ..and I like it (A LOT BETTER). So yes we really have "grown" in many ways from simple looking site to a more sophisticated one...I am excited to reveal but this will still take some time because now I have to wait on the powers of domain transfer to do the other technical stuff and until the transfer is complete I cannot publish my newly created page. Which will allow me to play with it some more in hopes to get it "just right".

Well now that I have done this all day I must pay attention to the fingerless mittens that are on order

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Facial Soap with Scrubbies and such

So I made this facial soap probably a week ago and despite the hot process it needed some time to cure. I am extremely happy with this soap as it heavily consists of shea butter with olive oil, coconut and palm oil and evaporated milk. Since the fluid solution (whatever it may be) and lye get pretty daggone hot and the oils are pretty warm when they are mixed together, the milk got a little cooked. I am okay with this because this allows me to not add any color because sometiems the less additives we add the better and while I like to use mica powders in some of my soaps I tend to plan them out carefully allowing me to change it in the last minute if I am so inclined.. this is creativity now isn't it? I have made this in 2 inch rounds but also in squares.

Now to the scent of this, well.. umm I don't know how to describe it.. I added milk, honey and oatmeal fragrance oil and something was missing, so I added a little yuzu and boy this is something else.. it is so good that I have a difficult time describing what it really smells like because it doesn't really smell like what I put in but it certainly to me is the best smelling soap I have ever made and thats tough because I pretty much love all my soaps.