Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end is near

of 2009 but not from us. I am currently creating schedules..well sorta because a creative mind does not work on schedules.. but a plan can always be effective.. in what months should you work on what theme kind of thing. Its time for the close of the books to start anew for the next which includes inventory etc etc ..sometimes I think its a good thing I have an undergrad in accounting and can see how some get lost in the shuffle of record keeping, receipts etc etc. It requires a filing system of sort which is a toughy between artist and organizationist.. pffft

In the mean time I signed up for supplying samples of my soaps.. oh my.. so for january I am creating two types of shampoo bar - one tee trea & fir needle and the other with geranium & plumeria. I'm loving it.. they came out so good :) might actually have enough left over to sell whole bars :)

My second sample set will consist of winter fresh ...absolute devine smell of the elements and I am thinking the other with either passionfruit & rose or more of a eucalyptus-minty scent.

In addition to this, I am planning out valentinesday gift ideas..that will have to go into production real soon. And when that is not enough..well I sit around and crochet haha..