Thursday, December 10, 2009

Facial Soap with Scrubbies and such

So I made this facial soap probably a week ago and despite the hot process it needed some time to cure. I am extremely happy with this soap as it heavily consists of shea butter with olive oil, coconut and palm oil and evaporated milk. Since the fluid solution (whatever it may be) and lye get pretty daggone hot and the oils are pretty warm when they are mixed together, the milk got a little cooked. I am okay with this because this allows me to not add any color because sometiems the less additives we add the better and while I like to use mica powders in some of my soaps I tend to plan them out carefully allowing me to change it in the last minute if I am so inclined.. this is creativity now isn't it? I have made this in 2 inch rounds but also in squares.

Now to the scent of this, well.. umm I don't know how to describe it.. I added milk, honey and oatmeal fragrance oil and something was missing, so I added a little yuzu and boy this is something else.. it is so good that I have a difficult time describing what it really smells like because it doesn't really smell like what I put in but it certainly to me is the best smelling soap I have ever made and thats tough because I pretty much love all my soaps.