Saturday, December 12, 2009

We are growing up :)

In recent weeks I noted that my current website isn't really doing the job anymore and its time to grow up... today I spend searching for a new webhost that is more cost effective than my current one.. and am happy to say I got a very good deal on this.. I was looking at spending close to $500 on an e-commerce site and that just seemed a lot to me...well what I found allows me to spend much less than that.. yippie...the goal is to have a more functioning shopping cart because paypal sometimes has trouble recognizing that people may want to purchase more than one item. So after finally deciding to go with a webhosting company I spend the other part of the day creating the new look and feel of Hippie's Creations. It isn't really hippie per say but it does incorporate my favorite colors (purple & black) ..and I like it (A LOT BETTER). So yes we really have "grown" in many ways from simple looking site to a more sophisticated one...I am excited to reveal but this will still take some time because now I have to wait on the powers of domain transfer to do the other technical stuff and until the transfer is complete I cannot publish my newly created page. Which will allow me to play with it some more in hopes to get it "just right".

Well now that I have done this all day I must pay attention to the fingerless mittens that are on order