Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eco-Friendly Rambeling

I like to crochet, sometimes a lot and sometimes well not so much! In my attempt to keep up with the times, yes even Hippie's must stay tuned in...I been reading some about plarn.
Umm ok so what is plarn..well simply put its plastic yarn, and in most instances comes from grocery bags. It is cut into strips and the strips are then tied together. From there it can be rolled up in a ball of plarn.

I absolutely love this, because too many folks just throw bags out and on the street. I know that I can drive down any given street (city or rural) and find a handful of plastic bags. I think this plarn that wasn't just created yesterday but has taken on a life of its own it seems. Crocheters and Knitters have made all kids things such as bags and totes. I have seen jewelry made from plarn that was rather unique and interesting.

I have a strong interest in attempting to crochet with plarn. We unfortunately obtain enough plastic bags that just sit in my drawer (because I hate throwing them out, one I never know when I will need one and two..well its plastic that doesn't need to go in the landfill. Right?) Anyway, I want to create a few items that will match up some of the things I do and yes I already playing with some ideas in my head.

So I belief that plarn is awesome. It is recycling plastic bags and therefore it doesn't go into the landfill and no toxins are burned into the air. Now that is Eco friendly.


RecycleCindy said...

It is always wonderful when a crafter discovers the joy of crafting with recycled materials. There are so many possibilities and the really cool thing about it is that it's so frugal and of course eco-friendly. You can use plastic bags, t-shirts, vcr tape, cassette tape, old sweaters, jeans, and rags. If you need any tutorials or free patterns for recycled crafting, I hope you will come visit my blog.

Best wishes,

Hippie's Creations said...

:) I will.. I actually have a soap dish in mind I have seen some time ago.. will go good with my bath & body items :)