Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday is Give-Away Day

From now on Friday will be give-away day which I will pose a question, you submit your answer in the comment section. The winner will be chosen with but only the right answers will be submitted. The deadline to participate will be on Wednesday, so that I have enough time to reveal the Winner Friday Morning and then post the new question. So are you ready to get some free stuff?

What term did hippies use to refer to the institutions and structures they rejected?

And now you want to know what you will win? Well how about if I give you a choice. You can select either bath fizz or soap or even lotion...hmm well all you need to do is answer the trivia question correctly, be entered in the random drawing...and wait until next Friday when the winner is revealed.

Have a ball working out the answer! Peace.


Hippie's Creations said...

Hmm No one wants to win anything?