Friday, January 15, 2010

Real Life

Sometimes I think there is that misconception that we artsy, crafty and business folks may not have a real life and then you must inform others..hey guess what... why would I mention this on my artsy yet business info blog? I am experiencing one of those real life moments. If you checked out my profile you may have noticed I have other blogs, and one I frequently update is the one about my son who has a metabolic genetic disorder and underwent two liver transplants. This week he's experiencing a set back of sort, which is detailed here. He was admitted on Thursday, which means I am not at home nor will I be home in the next coming days and if I go home it won't be for long. Sitting in the hospital with him however and in order to kill time, I brought my crochet hooks, pattern books and yarn and oh yea my laptop! Real life whatever it may be for each of us doesn't stop just because we create things. So if you wonder of the lacking posts it merely means I am more focused on his health and his life right now. Feel free to check out my other blogs or find me on facebook. I will try to keep this current with intended information which is what is going on in my creative business world! Thanks for listening.