Saturday, January 30, 2010

Special Announcement

So somewhere in my posts and statuses along the way on Facebook, Twitter and more I been saying that I have a special announcement and that something was in the works. Well here it is:

Last months I contacted the National Urea Cycle Foundation to have their approval in creating and selling soaps in which the money collected from each sale will benefit them. Some may now be wondering why would I do this and the reason is this: My son was diagnosed with Urea Cycle Disorder back in 2007 and you can follow his story here: .

So now I have started the leap in helping a foundation that is incredibly important to me even though my son is "cured" from this disorder. My Lavender Meadows is only one of the firsts to be designated for this awesome supporting and advocating organization.

Are you donating from each sale and how much? It will be a 100% minus shipping, thus each $4.00 for each 4 oz soap will go to the NUCDF.

So here it is the first set specifically developed and such for the Foundation. They will be available in my Esty Shop by Monday and on my website by Tuesday!

Thanks for tuning in!


Tommye said...

What a wonderful idea. I wish you much success.


Hippie's Creations said...

Thank you!