Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where the heck have I been?

I have been busy!!! I updated my etsy store today with some of my creations (hats mainly). I am trying to juggle school, practicum, kids, Lennon's health, the house and the business. This is often easier said than done and at times one thing will take over in priority even though they are all important. Well, I am working on designing some new some cool ideas that I don't want to reveal too much yet and created some cozies (for eye glasses, ipods etc etc) that you can find in my etsy store or the website. So I am trying very hard to stay up-to-date while my head is crammed with research design and clinical information.. oh the joys of being a full-time student..

On the other side we recently purchased a Wii and have been working out. I mean really working out!! It's tough getting into town, financing a gym member ship and expect to stay in a routine with 4 kids...pfft that isn't happening. So I am pleased that the Wii Fit Plus seems to be working out and financially reasonable in the long run.. I don't usually play video games but even I like it and it gets the kids off the couch.. haha look at me sounding like a PR person.. blah.. anyway..

I would like to say creating is all I do but real like gets in the way... anyway stay tuned as I will be listing new soaps soon!!!

Blessed Be,