Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artist of the Week

This weeks Artist is Redneck Candles ..and yes candle making is an art form! But candles is not all they do...they also have soap and laundry detergent.
What I like about them is that they custom orders that they don't ask you to buy a specific scent, but rather create your own scent with fragrance listed on the policy page and that list is extensive!!!
What caught my eye one day is the fact they actually have a candle that smells like Bacon. Now I don't know about you, the smell of bacon will leave me wanting well bacon. But the fact that a Bacon Candle exists, well that just awesome.
Perhaps what make the candles "redneck" is the various scents like monkey farts..or buck lure candle...but irregardless it the candles are on my next shopping list.

This venture is a family run business in which all 5 members partake in some part of creating the candles, right down to the 3 year old. So if you like Soy Candles that are stacked with scent, Redneck Candles is worth checking out!!!!


red neck candles said...

Awwww!Thanks for taking the time to blog about us!Wonderful job :0)