Friday, February 5, 2010

Contest - Give Away

The rules are simple! I post a question that may or may not have multiple choice answer. You respond with the *correct* answer. If you have the correct answer you will be entered at for the drawing. The more that answer the question, hopefully correctly ...well ya know the better the contest!

This weeks prize will be a bottle of lotion chosen from Hippie's Bath & Body. Don't choose the scent ya want to today...wait until your are announced as the winner. There are more lotions in the works!!!!


Just like Ivory Soap, his product was supposed to be over 99% pure. This gentleman, the grandson of a United States Senator, was the first underground chemist to produce pure LSD in mass quantity. Who was the sound man and 'chemist' for the Grateful Dead?

Answers are due by Wednesday nights!

Have fun and good luck!


Pat said...

Augustus Owsley Stanley III

Cheryls Purple Cow said...

Owsley "Bear" Stanley

Colleen said...

Augustus Owsley Stanley III,