Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My featured item of the week

Since we had to deal with a few power outages and snow that had has blocked from well going outside, I haven't been able to wood burn much or finish the pieces that are done. Instead I have been able to crochet and here is what I came up with. First up .. Hearts for your car


Inspired by a team member to help create awareness. This theme is for Heart awareness month! When I was approached to find out if I ever did any awareness items...the only thing I could come up with is my soap for the National Urea Cycle Foundation. So I sat around, looked through some pattern books. I am a slight fan of fuzzy dice for the car and have some "Grumpy Bear Dice" hanging from my rear view mirror. I thought, well wouldn't it be neat to have other ornaments for your car..and the Hearts for your car was born. And then I thought, well what else would look cool in a car and while we are all still worried about valentines day,  I came up with this little cute crochet piece: 

A leprechaun with shamrock leaf ..a little bit ahead of St. Patrick's day but really it's for anyone who takes pride in their Irish heritage. I have a few more design's in my head that I will be trying to work on.This pattern for leprechaun and leaf is available here . Enjoy!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Oh I love them both, I can't believe you make them with your own beautiful hands. I wish I could...

Hippie's Creations said...