Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Featured Item or rather project for the week

I love to burn ..burn on wood or tagua nut. Tagua nut, known as vegetable ivory, is the seed of a tree similar to a palm but botanically not belonging to the palmaceus but to the ciclantaceus. Its scientific name is Phytelephas Aequatorialis Macrocarpa. Tagua grows in the tropical rainforests of some South American countries, mainly Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, being Ecuador the country that fulfills most of the world’s demand.

There are some amazing things one can do with a tagua nut. Commonly used in figurines, but at times also beads that are colored in an array of colors.

I like to burn on them, well the tagua nut slice. I will buy them in bulk, sliced but unsanded. To get them ready, I will sand either by hand (whew) or with my rotary tool to obtain a smooth surface. The image that I will burn on the 'nut' depends on the shape and size of the nut slice. Once I have decided on an image, I will trace or sketch it onto the nut slice. If I don't like the pencil sketch, I will erase and have a do over until I am happy! 

Then I will go heat up my burning tool and start burning.