Monday, February 8, 2010

My thought for the week

What is difficult for some people is not difficult for others and the difference is in their attitude. Everything is possible when you believe in yourself and when you blindly believe that it can be done, when you have a burning desire and a stubborn and persistent attitude to succeed." © 2010 Eduardo Dominguez

In my search for today's post, this is what I read and thought..yeap this be true. Our attitude decides how everything is done from creating until the point of selling. When I'm at the Farmer's Market during the summer months, its evident that when I am in a bad mood or even have a headache...people notice. It's in out attitude and body language. The days that I'm in a good mood...well I am having a good day...and a good day in sales. 

Sometimes I doubt myself, don't we all? I mean seriously some of us go weeks (if not month) without sales and wonder what the heck have I been doing this for? But we have passion and a "burning desire" to do our craft and continue to push forward and move on. In the past few weeks I needed to re-design and revamp my store into stores, and I noticed a change..its a good change. 

For some folks its difficult because they aren't exactly sales people, for instance I don't like sales but I love to create, create, create... but all this creating has to go somewhere and so I have turned into a sales person. Oi! 

So I leave this note and start this week with a good attitude. I will continue with my passion and desire and move forward.