Saturday, February 13, 2010

The week in review (so far)

So far? Well that's because my week goes from Monday through Sunday not Sunday through Saturday... I never quite understood that but then I suppose that is the difference in culture (German vs. American). This week was busy even for being snowed in and not really going anywhere. I received a few shipments (yay) of I am still waiting on my soap supplies...though I have received some molds for the NUCDF Soap line. Anyway, I ordered some Caron Yarn Natura and it was not quite what I expected since I have worked with the Simply Soft yarn. I started a project with one thing in mind, but soon realized that umm no a scarf will not be the finished project. So I sat there with the design and wondered and thought, worked on it and wondered some more what could I do? And here's the result:

And this inspired me to do more of incorporating pictures but I only have two colors of the natura yarn (off white and sage) so I am using the simply soft to create picture incorporated pieces... but you will just have to wait until those are revealed.