Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wrist Warmers

I have in my past 18 years of crochet designed various things from afghans and place mats, but until recently I have not just plunged into a design or pattern without enough practice, or thought i.e notations. So the other night as I was just sitting around this started to take place and I liked how they came out and so I took notes. I was leery of the thumb gusset as that sort of has been my struggle point but I am pleased to say that this seems to have worked out with the exception that when I made the second warmer I didn't know where to attach my chain 2 to create the thumb hole. I was considering to place the pattern on my blog today but because I am sort of a perfectionism kind of person. I will post the pattern once I worked out my technical difficulties with the thumb. Until then just enjoy the pictures!