Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Artist of the Week - PoppyLuxe Designs

1. Why did you decide to open a shop?

Well, I have been shopping on Etsy for quite a while and when I started making my own crafts, I got the bright idea to sell them on Etsy. I love the community and also the whole format of the website, I really don't like Ebay at all and this venue was something that was already comfortable for me. I truly believe in buying handmade, if I can find something that I plan on buying on Etsy then I will do so, and hopefully when someone is thinking about buying a jewelry box or picture frame they will go to Etsy and hopefully find me!

2. How did you get into your art? 

I actually stumbled into my art. Last November, I was staying with my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother out of state because my Great-Grandmother broke her hip and my Grandmother had a decoupage book laying around. I picked it up and immediately loved everything from the technique right down to the finished pieces. I started out decoupaging random things around the house and slowly got into picture frames, jewelry boxes and other items. My crafts may not look like textbook decoupaged items, but that is where I got my start and my inspiration.

3. What do you love about what you are doing?

Oh man, I love creating stuff! It really is as simple as that. I also love that I have endless possibilities with what I do, I don't have to restrict myself to just a certain material or theme. I can branch out and try new things and if I don't like it, I don't like it. There are no rules and regulations for what I do. There is also a freedom in being able to play music and sit down at my table and just make something. I sometimes find myself at that table for hours just making stuff.

4. How does your art fit into your dreams for your life?

I feel my art fits into my dreams for life because I am really hoping to become successful at this. I am unemployed right now and honestly believe that maybe this is why I am unemployed. I believe everything happens for a reason and maybe this is meant to be, so that I am doing something that I love and not working the 9 to 5. Also, in the future when my Husband and I start a family this is something that I would still be able to do. Even though it's tough to get started, I am hanging in there and letting this dream take off!

5. What have you learned about yourself from starting your shop and learning your art form?

I've learned many things about myself in these last few months since I have started my shop! For one, I have learned that I have no problem with hard work or perseverance! I feel they go hand in hand and there have been a few rough patches since starting my shop, but it has paid off to persevere. I also have learned that I am a more outgoing person that I thought I was. I always felt shy talking to people online for some reason and this has kind of forced me to talk to people and I see now that I am not shy, I was just nervous. But no longer, I love talking to people and making new friends!

You can connect with PoppyLuxe Designs here:
Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/PoppyLuxeDesigns

PoppyLuxe Designs recently underwent a name change and as you can see used to be known as karmascrafts... same awesome stuff... just a new name!!!