Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Artist of the Week

JOYful D*Sign

1. Why did you decide to open a shop?
I had great local sales with my jewelry, but had been procrastinating about opening a webshop. The catalyst to do so was when I was walking the beach in the Bahamas collecting seaglass and a wealthy lady from Chicago who loves seaglass asked me if I had a website and I had to say NO! I didn't even have business cards with my phone number or email on them! I lost a great client that day, so when I got home to Florida I got busy on my shop.

2. How did you get into your art?
I have always been a crafter and artist, inspired by my mom from a very young age to sew, draw, crochet, whatever sounded fun at the time. I was already making jewelry and doing beadwork. I had so much seaglass piling up, I just decided I had to start creating something with it. I started out making car mirror suncatchers for friends, jewelry and frames for myself - it just grew as friends saw my jewelry and wanted a piece for themselves.

3. What do you love about what you are doing?
I love that the ocean has taken our trash and made it into a beautiful treasure for me to use in my creations. I love walking on the beach with my boyfriend hunting for the treasure and that he is my partner, doing all the drilling for my projects. I love doing custom orders - working with a client one on one and brainstorming about colors and design - especially with seaglass they have found, it makes the experience so special for them! I love all of the great friends I have met like you who love what they do and have such great passion for their arts!

4. How does your art fit into your dreams for your life?
Of course, my dream is to be able to quit my day job! But even better would be to move to a quieter place on a Caribbean island where I can find lots more seaglass than we have here in Florida!

5. What have you learned about yourself from starting your shop and learning your art form?
I have learned that I am learning something new and honing my skills every day, that there are fantastic crafters and artists out there willing to help me along my journey, that I have many great gifts and talents to offer my fellow artists in return, and that I absolutely LOVE what I am doing!

You can find more of JOYful D*Sign in her Etsy Store