Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Artist of the Week

1. Why did you decide to open a shop?  I was making so many pieces of jewelry that I had no place for it all.  My husband put a moratorium on purchasing more beads until I placed the pieces I already had into good homes.  So I started giving the jewelry to friends and family.  They are the ones who suggested that I open a shop to sell it.

2. How did you get into your art? I started creating things in 2005. I was having some mediacl problems and at the same time I felt this need to create things.  I found out that my "problems" were seizures.  Since I was never a creative person, I credit my epilepsy with the gift of creativity.

3. What do you love about what you are doing? I make a lot of Awareness Ribbon Jewelry and I love to be able to support Awareness.  I love hearing the stories by my customers about the brave person in their life that is the reason for their purchase.

4. How does your art fit into your dreams for your life?  It gives me the outlet for my newfound creativity.

5. What have you learned about yourself from starting your shop and learning your art form?  that I really do have a bit of patience when I want to.

And of course whatever else you would like to add

I love to make "regular" jewelry but I also make 3 special types of jewelry. Awareness Jewelry - I have most of the different colors of Awareness Ribbon beads so I can adapt any of my pieces to fit the color that each customer wants.
Metal Free Jewelry.  I know several people who are sensitive to metal so I usually have at least 1 metal free pice in my shop.  The clasp is even made using beads.  Hematite Jewelry - My husband has arthritis and loves the therapeutic effects of hematite jewelry.  I keep several hematite pieces in my shop too.

In mid-December I started making Treasuries in which all the items are Awareness items.  Some of the Treasuries have additional themes, like "Women's Heart Health".  The Treasury has been pretty much continuous since then.  That is quite a feat, but I am a determined to help promote Epilepsy Awareness.  I want the topic of Awareness to gain recognition on Etsy and the Treasuries are one way for me to do that.
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