Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eco-Friendly Rambeling

This morning I went on a search for eco friendly and there are definitely a humangous amount of links that come up. I ran across a website in the process called "Happy Hippie" which is retail directory to shop eco-friendly. I didn't take the time to investigate how much of it is homemade or handmade but when we try to be environmentally conscientious, this part doesn't really matter. Though personally I advocate and support the handmade movement and to the best of my ability I will purchase handmade too!!!  Back to the site, what I really liked about it is that they have an educational page in which you can learn different things. They call it Hippie 101 ~ Tips on Going Green and Other Sustainable Earth Articles. 

This includes hempucation, sustainability, simple living, healthy living, animal kingdom and more. I think it is time (now more than ever perhaps IMO) that we pay attention and be conscientious about our purchasing actions, waste management and more.

For more information you can go to Happy Hippie