Monday, March 1, 2010

Thought for the Week

So I have some exciting things happening. I just signed a contract and my soaps are now on consignment. I am looking forward to this for many reasons. It shows that not giving up and working hard does pay off and that any self doubt one may have is less. It also now promotes my soap in another part of the country, in a physical location (other than my home). So exposure is definitely going to happen. I can only feel that if I continue to work the way I do and just stay with it, yes I will be successful.

Today my shop(s) are also being featured on the Createability Blog and I am a proud member of the team. While I may not chat or 'check' in as often as I like, it is an awesome team with an awesome support system. As a mom of four (one with his special needs) days at times feel like a long run on sentence (it never stops), but don't tread I take the good with the bad eh? There are good days, crazy days, not so good days, funny days, hyper days, emotional days ..hey a normal life right? I've been reflecting the last few days, questioning if separating my stores the way I did was a good thing and the more I work at it, the more I communicate and create, it is by far one of the better decisions I have made. The payoff is to have a consignment with a store.

So what's my point, I think its been made time and time again by other successful individuals: If you work hard you will reap the reward. if you are persistent, it will pay off.

I want to thank everyone (near and far) for your support in being a fan on my facebook page, in being a follower on my blog, in being a customer (ha without you what would I do?). So thanks!