Monday, March 15, 2010

Thought for the Week

Your heart is the most important part of you; don't let it be hurt by another living soul. Be your own life driver, stand up and never be afraid to face the world on your own. Remember you managed to fight for 9 months on your own before you were born so you have passed your 9 months probation. Why can't you take it from there and make things happen?" Written in 2009 by Siyanic M.L.

Sometimes I think we get carried away with life problems and find ourselves 'stuck'. I know that in my time there were periods that I was stuck and I simply could not move forward and make things happen. And yet those stuck moments in our life give us food for thought. What can we do to make it happen? What can we do for change that encompasses personal growth? As a counselor in the making (working on my master's degree) personal growth is an important element. Self-awareness are key in which we must be aware of what drives us, what stops us (though isn't it true that we stop ourselves?). In my early twenties I knew I wanted an 'arts & crafts' store, and I also knew that I wanted to help children and adolescents. I am clear with my reasoning's behind this. So what has taken me so long (15 years) to do the things I always wanted to do? I know now what was holding me back and I know now what will keep me moving forward. 

What are the things that have kept you stuck? What are the things that have allowed you to move forward? 


V.R. Leavitt said...

Very thought provoking. Unfortunately, I think what holds a lot of people back is fear. Fear of not only failure, but also success. It sounds strange, but it's true. What if this works out and it's not what I expected?

There are other reasons of course too, but I think that's a big one.

Great post!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Stobouness and determination, relatively. I've been known to get stuck on ideas and not wanting to let go even when I know they won't work, I just try and try again until something gives--usually not me. But that's the same thing that has helped me get through life when things get tough: knowing that even when things don't workout the first time, they just might if I try again.