Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eco-Friendly Notions

As a self-identified Hippie I try to stay aware about my environment. It often breaks my heart to see 100's and 1000's of trees cut down for developmental purposes.. such as homes... but really we need those trees don't we? Are they going to replace them? Probably not. today I went onto a search to identify what we can do to help preserve nature and how fitting with earth day/earth week?

  1. Bike, use public transit, carpool to work, drive slower, keep your tires inflated
    For some, like me, this may not be feasible. Living in a rural area has a challenge to car pool, though not impossible.
  2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost
  3. Conserve water
    Yes, we must. Even with having well water I try to be aware of the water usage that we have.
  4. Quit smoking
    So many reasons why
  5. Don't use pesticides/herbicides on your lawn
    Eww yuck! I grow a garden without this stuff and we do okay!!!!!
  6. Keep your cat indoors
    Well this is easier said than done. When I lived in the city, yes my cat was kept indoors, but now that we are rural, not so much!
  7. Eat less meat/eat more local and organic foods
    This ranks 50-50 for me. I eat meat, but not every day. I can take it or leave it!
  8. Lower your thermostat in the winter. Raise it in the summer
    Easier said than done!
  9. Dispose of old paint, chemicals, and oil properly
    Umm yes, absolute must and requirement. Most recycle center have a spot for these kind s of things!
  10. Consider the environmental costs of major decisions and purchases
    Yes, of course. I recently decided to use recycled kraft paper pillow boxes for my soaps.
  11. Volunteer/Lobby for the Environment
    If you have the time, absolutely. I try to do my thing here at home. Plant trees when and where I can.
  12. Plant a tree with a child
    Oh this is one of the best. It teaches the child so much! My youngest loves to garden, and I always try to include him when we plant our seeds and trees! He helps water them too!