Monday, April 12, 2010

Thought of the Week

This last week has been heartbreaking over the entire world... first the mining explosion in West Virginia that lost 29 hard working dads, brothers, uncles, sons and literally has ripped families to pieces. Then the little boy who was dropped off by his grandmother and send back to Russia due to his uncontrollable behavior.. (seriously?) The loss of Poland's President due and 96 other people due to a plane crash.. and a little girl fighting for her life with Urea Cycle Disorder and more... Taytems Fight is a facebook page.. there are other losses this past week but these to me are the most memorable ones. Every time loss occurs I realize how lucky I am, or rather how lucky my son is to still be around. In January I pledged to make soaps for the National Urea Cycle Disorder Foundation, in hopes to one day find a cure for this disease.. things are happening for some folks with this disorder.. mainly the ones who have OTC (the most common among them all). My son has CPS deficiency and underwent an ordeal after 2 liver transplants.. and while he is doing remarkable well...we need to watch him closely due to some blood clots and 'some' liver issues. Irregardless, I am continuously inspired by him as well as my other children. My middle son just turned 12... all he wanted was a picnic at a park and play some games.. my oldest is graduating in May and turning 18 in June.. its has been an incredible journey so far, heartbreaking, loving, fun, exciting, thrilling, worrisome and so much more.. and I am looking forward to more of the same (though I can do without the heartbreak and the worries!).

I do think that at times we take advantage and take for granted all that we have been given. I constantly try to remind myself how precious everyone is in my life. It's the reason I started to embrace my (many) talents, why I have returned to school (and with any luck will graduate in September) and why I am a mom! The journey to find ourselves never really ends, we just get to know ourselves better over the years and when the circle ends, we will know as much as we need to know..though I am one who thrives for knowledge. I see something that interests me, inspires me.. I will want to learn the how-to's.

This post is a gentle reminder to myself (sharing it with you) why I do what I do for the foundation and for my family! Thanks for listening!!