Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Artist of the Week - Undiscovered

This morning  I decided to 'pounce' on Etsy and I found some omg to die for creations. However, this one is by far my favorite! The artists intro and bio state this" specialize in creating fantasy art, creating faeries, mermaids and goddess art. I like to incorporate crystal meaning into my pieces, as every piece has its own Story to tell" (Lunarianart, 2010).

"This painting is about humility and it mean gratitude and love, it is a time for reflection, humble begins and change. I used labradorite is known as a destiny stone, a power stone and its excellent for clarifying your goals for the future and bringing you closer to humility, its a wonderful stone for transformation and seeing the true self, taking away stress" (Lunarianart, 2010). 
"The symbol of the tree wraps around her body, nourishing the goddess within. Moonstone, associated with the Goddess and said to be associated with Diana, is entwined into her hair providing protection on land and sea" (Lunarianart, 2010).  
Each painting, pendant or ring has a story to tell that the artist is willing to share. I encourage you to visit her shop Lunarianart.etsy.com   who knows she just may have what you have been looking for!!!