Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eco-Friendly Notions

Due to my son's medical and health needs he has a feeding tube and is supported with formula overnight. this leaves a lot of tin cans going into the trash. A few months ago, I made a crochet cozy for a coffee can in which I hold my kitchen utensils. I will probably make some more in the future. 

I also used those cans to make *Can*dles! I find these are good in the evenings, outside, good company, good wine or beer. Perhaps you are grilling or just have some time to enjoy and relax!

More and more I am noticing and trying to be more conscious about my habits. Not only when it comes to food (and yes this year we have a garden!) but also with everything else. I find that if I can help it - then success - if I cannot help it - then I must find a way! 


The Oxford Family said...

Those "can"dles look great! I also have a garden this year, can't wait for it to produce :)

Momwithahook said...

Love the Candles. Fabulous pun and craft. Yet another way to re-use those Cans in a eco friendly way. You can also use them as Lanterns. Just transfer a pattern onto the can and using a nail and hammer , follow the pattern. Add a tea light and you get a beautiful decorative light for your outdoor bbq. :)

Hippie's Creations said...

Oh Lantern!!! Good Idea!!!!