Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our local Farmer's Market - continued

Every other week you will meet the ladies Alex and Sherry from Potluck Farms. These ladies are wonderful and hardworking in their venture of getting their herbal farm totally rocking!

Alex writes that it is her dream of making Pot Luck Herbs a successful venture. Quoting Alex:  "My goal is to live a peaceful country life and be my own boss at our beautiful Buckingham County, Virginia farm. The future of this country lies in the hands of environmentally responsible small entrepreneurs. I aspire to be one."

They really do have some fantabulous herbs.. who knew that herbs aren't for smoking anymore? Their basil is awesome... their lavender rocks.. but that is not all.. they also have herbal vinegars  in which a sprig of rosemary and such is placed in the bottle.. oh and check out those headbands! They are super cool!

One of the newest and coolest things at Potluck herbs are shoe-freshers.. small hand sewn little sachets you place right in your stinking.. or not so stinking shoe. We all know someone or maybe ourselves in which we have feet that can't handle the leather or pleather of shoes because it makes our feet sweat... and then our shoes...well don't smell so good anymore. Plop them right into your shoes when you get home.. and the next morning you will have fresh smelling shoes and feet.. and how knows what the herbal healing does... we all are aware that herbs are just really good for our bodies in some capacity. 

So the next time you come to the Scottsville Farmer's Market.. I do belief they will be there the 18th of September (but don't quote me.. haha) seek these ladies out.. Sherry and Alex... ask them about their herbs.. ask them questions... they do know their stuff and could tell you what goes good with the next meal you might be planning.