Friday, September 17, 2010

Our local Farmer's Market - continued

Momma Mia's Jewelry - a mother and daughter team - though most often you find Denise (the mom) at our local market. I love the creative flow that happens here.. from NEW key chain bracelets... to super cute anklets.. Denise is constantly working.. and creating..and having fun!
Denise is always open to take custom/special orders.. she makes the colors happening for you..the length ... the beads.. the everything.. you will look dashing in one of her creations.

So if you happen to miss you her on a Saturday you can find Momma Mia's Jewelry on Facebook right here: Momma Mia's Jewelry look through her photo album.. check out her creations..

But I do hope that one the Saturday you decide to be there.. that Momma Mia's Jewelry will be there too so you can utter the ooohhs and aaaahs she so well deserves.