Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prepping for the next event

 October 2 - pending rain - its Old Farm Day in Palmyra. I had a good time and day last year and am looking forward to this year again. Of course it leaves me scrambling a little for some additional inventory. I got soaps covered.. I am definitely good in that department.. whew... I am doing a lot of crocheting as I am learning what the folks around me like.. I've been testing things out at the local market and I think I have found that people are fascinated with.. so here are some pictures of the things I will have with me!

This Baby Cocoon is so cuddly soft .. omg.. you will not believe it.. I first looked at this yarn.. thinking what the heck am I going to do with that.. it really didn't look the way it feels... and then I touched it... started using it ..and omg.. fleece move its definitely super soft.. perfect for that newborn baby!
 Wash Cloth.. Puppet? How about both! Kids have a wonderful imagination and this will allow them to nurture it! Someone told me once that imagination = intelligence.. well daggone it.. let them imagine eh! The cotton  is an awesome material to use for those items.. though it can take some time to dry its reusable.. throw in the washer/dryer and its ready to go again.. yep eco friendly for sure
Hats! I love hats don't you? Small hats, big hats, cute hats, fluffy hats, soft hats,durable hats.. and on and one.. I am still working on some more of the hats...for small and large. We are heading into the cooler season and need to think about protection our brains.. our body from the cold.. keep your head and feet warm!

Just a few of things of what I have done.. now times this by 4 perhaps and that might be the quantity I have worked on in 4 days.. nothing like a deadline!