Friday, October 8, 2010

The Animal Hat Collection

I was inspired to create some animal hats from patterns that I purchased and won from Inner Hooker and they are taking of like a wildfire in the forest. I had to make some changes to adjust the size for adults and add some faces for a more three dimensional look.

I made the Raccoon Hat for a friend and the next morning he had several orders ready for me in addition to posting pics on facebook and receiving more orders.

So I have been feverishly working on them and am slowly closing the cap.
Hats that I am pretty good at already and have figured out are:


 Others that will be in the works are:

Deer - actually on order but I am trying to figure out the antlers
Wolf (not too different from the fox)
Coyote (not too different from the fox)
Bird (not sure what kind yet)
 The color choice is yours though "natural" will mean the colors they are in real life or close to it. Other than that you have a choice of what you want your hat to look like. An owl in magenta or blue? Dinosaur in purple and yellow? You pick!! It takes me a couple hours to make one - sometime more - sometimes less - depending what else I got going on!

They are $18 each and will fit teen/adults. I can also make infants and toddlers if you like even though these ones seen are for adults.
 Once I am done with the orders I will add them to the website with appropriate attributes so that everyone can own one or more. This can be a bit tricky because I want you to be able to pick the colors you want and there are sooo many color choices to pick from. It's your hat - you wear it - I will just be happy to create it for you!
 Also not in the animal hat line - Mohawk hats (support your favorite team!!) or just because Mohawks rock!

The Mohawk hat will totally rock out at any ball game or at a concert... also coming soon are anarchy hats - yes I know I'm a hippie who grew up in the middle of the 80's and some of that stuck with me.. wait isn't there something about being against the establishment and doesn't anarchy match that in some capacity? Ok yes, I am rambling back to the hats. I am filling orders and am able to create 2-3 hats a day. Fingers need to rest, online communication must occur, children must be parented and so on...
Anyway as I am working on orders and am accepting orders I want people to be aware that  my son is awaiting a liver transplant. This means that when you order I will work on it but when the call comes I will be going to Pittsburgh with him. Be assured that yarn and hook to follow - and that I will be picking up working on orders. I don't know if I will work on any of them while he is in surgery or if this will wait until I know he's has made it into recovery and then to his room and so forth. So I do ask you will be patient with me during this time. I try to get this orders done and filled as quickly as I can!!!


Prof. Godel Fishbreath, Otter said...

Can you do an Otter?
And I have searched your page and can not find how to order. silly me.