Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hard Work and now you can be part of it too!!

I have been adding some of the items that didn't sell at the event.. but I must tell you that out of over 20 hats I don't have that many left. Hats are really the thing that people are into isn't it? Well and baby items, though I don't think baby items ever go out of style.. I have few more pictures that I need to retrieve from my camera and then I will be adding them as well .. probably tomorrow.. I tried to crochet some today but came to the clear realization that even I must take a break and just relax for a minute.. burn out.. no one wants it and rarely do I see people getting their warning signs.. I was burned out from crochet for a long time (5 years.. its a long time) and when doilies and afghans really seemed to be the thing.. now that I am a stay at home mom due to my son's medical and other special needs I have more time.. and feeling more inspired.. he does this for me.. its the ground work that helps me take him out..spend some money on him.. pay the electric bill so we have power for his feeding pump.. to pay for vitamins because the insurance doesn't cover it.. find the special foods with less protein.. yes I am inspired by him to create to help us and him..

This bunting is almost ready and will fit a newborn infant.. (the dolls is about infant size 18 inches long). It mere needs some more buttons before I can add it to the store front.. but isn't it just too cute? I think so.. and I am not having anymore babies ^_^ but I still like creating items and looking at items...