Friday, November 19, 2010

Day Nineteen- What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Wouldn't this just open up a can of worms? I think so. What do I think about religion.. hmm well I have one... some of us do .. and some of us don't. Religion is a broad aspect and we do or don't belief in something. Some kind of higher power and religious denominations have different names for that higher power. There is a beauty of being individuals - of the ability to choose what and who as well as how we belief in that higher power- whatever this may mean to you. There is a beauty in believing in the magic of nature - the continuous circle of life (and death) that surrounds us, but even in death beauty can be found.

In my core, I belief that Religion is a tree and that all denominations are mere branches of this seed that started this tree. One day we may be able to be as harmonious as a tree - living together - part as a unit - like the tree.

You asked about politics.. I think its sad that we don't know who to belief. That we have (and allow) the ad campaigns that can get so messy to make this other candidate look dirty. What happen to looking out for the people of this country? Seriously, I am not against helping others and other nations, but what about your own? I grew up in a socialized health care system and while I don't know if that would work here or not, I do think that something needs to change for the people who can't afford the crazy insane insurance rates. Or even the (legal) immigrants that live here, pay taxes here.

that's all I got for today