Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day Seven - Someone who has made your life worth living for.

Me! No but seriously.. the biggest cliche answer would be my kids - each having taught me different lessons - each of them having given me different headaches - each of them having given me happiness. Each of them being so different and in a quirky way the same.

My oldest (18) ten-feet tall and bullet proof, who often thinks he knows better than I do (or any other adult for that matter) who in the end has a good heart and a decent head on his shoulders who allows me to acknowledge that I did something right. He has taught me love and what it means to be a child.

My 2nd oldest (16) who I barely know but taught me early on the kind of strength I hold and that unconditional love means to look out what is best for him and to not be self-fish in the matter of the heart. The child whose intellect amazes me with ambition high enough to resemble me in some ways.

My third (12) who has taught me what it means to laugh and even be a little crazy sometimes. Who is comfortable in his own skin despite the fact that red-heads still get picked on. Who can joke one second and flare with anger the next (yes I am the mother of a Red-headed Aries ).

My fourth (7) who taught me what it means to live, what it means not to give up (EVER). It's not been an easy road - but a road I wouldn't change for the world.

Me! Yes I have made my own life worth living for. If it wasn't for me, then I wouldn't have met my boys. I wouldn't have learned the lessons given - and I wouldn't be in a place to help others.