Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day Twenty - Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Having had a difficult history with drugs and alcohol .. its one of those things .. that well we all need to be aware of. We should take care of ourselves and our body .. but I still like to go out and have a few beers (or whatever the mood strikes me) now and again. I gave up shots - I am not in it for being blistering drunk where I can't remember the next morning what I did or didn't do. Hated those days... tho they were fun at the time.

As a mental health person I get the addiction aspect and we do need to know and have some keen self-awareness. It helps if we know our parents and their drinking habits. One of the things that I became aware off during my studies in mental health is that when children have alcoholic parents - these children don't want to be like their parents and go to the opposite extreme, and there children go back to the other (which is drinking). We should be living somewhere in the middle - knowing the damage drugs and alcohol can do - knowing that wine in some moderation can be health beneficial. It isn't all bad, seriously!

That's all I got to say about that..for now...