Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Two - Something you love about yourself.

It's interesting to me that there was a time that I couldn't even answer this one. Yea really, I was pretty messed up back then. But now there are many things I love about myself.. and shouldn't we love ourselves? I mean really care just a little bit more - acknowledge our own being - we do this daily with our loved ones.
Anyway, one of the things I love about myself is my creative talent. My creativity has not only provided with means of therapy and healing but a means of survival. When I acknowledged that working full time out of the home wouldn't or couldn't happen due to my sons medical condition, I needed to find something. Something that could keep me busy, kill time, and well bring in some money so that we shall be able to eat, perhaps even pay some bills.

With that I also love that I often will look for possibilities and opportunities rather than focus so much no the negative - yes when one do closes another one opens - one just has to belief and look. My creative talent and my thinking have provided me with some good tools and set a fire in my heart. I believe in the handmade movement - and I am loving the fact I am part of it .. as I love creating and was giving the ability to do so.