Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 Goals

Last week Alycia from the The Curious Pug post 30 Goals before her 30th Birthday which made me jump start my thinking on the goals I would have for 2011.. having past 30 already... despite the challenges imposed on having to wait on a liver for my son and life kind of being put on hold because you wait for that phone call.. its still important to have goals me thinks... and I think these goals will keep everything in perspective for me.. motivation I don't lack.. its managing it that could be challenging as I don't know when we are heading to Pittsburgh for the surgery... anyway.. I still want to set some goals.. some big .. some little.. some in-between that...some really important.. some just because

1. find work as a therapist
recently (3 months ago) graduating with an MS in Mental Health.. I really want to work...

2. blog more
just because I like to write.... and I actually have a few things to say.. haha

3. volunteer my time to an organization
 because it feels good to help others

4. More awareness work for Urea Cycle Disorder
create more soaps representing the foundation... hand out fliers.. post stuff... etc

5. start reading again... for fun...
haven't read a book for fun in 3 years... text books can burn you out a bit

6. Do more business related things...
this may require a bit more organization on my part...but not sure how fond I am of a schedule
7. move my studio from home to the Flying Pig Art Center
in hopes of being able to get some wood burning done..home seems too distracting

8. learn some basic spanish
just to learn another language... its good for the career

9. learn to be more patient
stop the road rage

10. go camping
make a day/weekend of it..aware this may not happen in 2011 because of Lennon's needs

11.increase social events for business and pleasure 
again a bit challenging but will have to work that out...

12. start editing my second book
13. revamp my first book
like umm edit... elaborate... add on... who knows..

14. redo the garden
and hope for a better season.. like more rain

15. figure out what to do with my hair!
its a damn mess... I leave it long.. it gets curly cues on the bottom...flat on top looking awful.. it would have totally worked in the 60's and 70's though

16. get a tattoo of the trooper
umm I am a big Iron Maiden fan ^_^ this would be #7 lol

17. Get a head start on next years hats...and other wintery items... 
my crochet work has done really well and I want to do MORE

18. Become a foster parent
its been a life long goal...maybe even adopt a few..

18. Increase Business
need to find a way that works for me though I am pretty happy with 2010
2011 will be better.. YES! I belief it will!