Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crochet Hats in the Buzzworthy Fashion & Beauty Section in the Woman's issue of the daily Progress

This morning I find myself.. no I find pictures of my hats on Page 13 on the Woman's Issue (Charlottesville Woman) of The Daily Progress.. it not only highlights the hats, but talks about the other things that I do including the soaps in which a portion is donated to the National Urea Cycle Foundation.. about the blog I maintain about Lennon...where to find my creations Utopia, the market when in season.. and soon at the Flying Pig Art Center right here in Scottsville.. professionally I am on a climb and a thrill.. I am in love making the hats for folks..inspired by the requests I receive.. even if I have never made a Hippo Hat or a Pig Hat before.. I will figure it out.. my children keep me motivated... I am grateful

You can find the article here:    Creative Headwear by Scottsville Woman