Monday, April 30, 2012

The designing of my first halter top

For the last few months my desire to design and create my own crochet clothing has increased. I sometimes find it difficult to find clothing I really love, or a pattern that I would wear, so maybe if I design it myself - then yes I will wear it too!

And then I received a LOT of this yarn - which I find *perfect* for the designs I have in mind :)

First came figuring out the measurements for the top. What I like about this is that you can really customize this to your size. I think that's my other struggle - I can't always find clothing that *fits* me properly, and now I have figured out how to customize it - just for me and you!

Then comes the increase - because I mean we are women with curves... no matter how big or small with have curves! Even if they are hidden with are not just straight down on the sides.. now we go in a little under the bust and then we go out a little at our waits and hips and in order for clothing to be flattering for our figure - then the top should match that just a little.

What I love about this top is that everything is adjustable - even the placement for the straps. Having crochet a few tops from other patterns before I know that some of the placements didn't work for me because a) they are too far out or b) too far in. I took one of my favorite tops that I didn't make and measured the strap placement and then measured my chest and lined up  the straps to my comfort (for me that's about 4 inches form the center each side - thus the straps are 8 inches apart.

And voila we one one customize fun and cute little halter top! 

I am writing up the pattern now and hope to be soon to be able to share it with you!