Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last week I was asked if I could create the top shown in a size medium. I am fairly competent in my abilities to do so. I don't know who the original designer/creator is of this piece - but they deserve the credit eh?

Anywho, I set out to create my rendition of this piece - and while I am not a super-huge fan of granny squared anything - just because I find it overly time consuming from the days I only created afghan after afghan - my version looks like in the picture below.

 As I was working on the piece and sewing the squares together and contemplating on how to create the skull applique, I was getting inspired for something completely different.
This urged me to finish up my outstanding orders so that I could move on to my thoughts - and the inspiration of the design that laid in my head.

I don't have any girls - but if I did - they so would be rockin' this baby afghan with the matching hat. This one is only about 21" by 21" inches BUT that doesn't mean it can't be used for oh coverage in the stroller as the baby is hanging out. It comes with a matching hat - how cute right?

So here it is my inspiration for the week!
A cool rockin' Baby Afghan Hat Set :)