Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why you should use cotton wash cloth!

Every so often a person will ask me why they should use cotton wash cloth and why one would use them for dishes as well.

I love them because they are easy to use - easy to clean!
Cotton Cloth are more absorbent, durable, and dry more quickly (as long as you have them over something to dry)!

The reasons to use for your body, well cotton yarn is soft to the touch but given it the right textured stitch makes the wash cloth an exfoliant and get rid of dead skin!

Are you wondering why you should use it for dishes and pans?

Easy the cotton yarn won't scratch the surface while helping it get all cleaned up!

Worried about germs, mold and other bacteria?

They are easy to throw into the wash for a good cleaning - so now you are not wasting money constantly on new ones... thus making them more eco-friendly!

These sets are my most recent items completed and available! You can get order them to match your bathroom or kitchen colors! So order get the ones ready to ship or order your own set today!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Train May 30th, 2012


Vintage Anton Pieck Framed 3D Puppet Show Print

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dark Hollow Falls

What a HOT Monday it was! We decided we would head on up to Skyline Drive in VA with the assumption that it would be way COOLER up there.... and it was!!! We had a picnic at mile marker 54 or so before going on the trail for Dark Hollow Falls. 

 The walk down to these fabulous waterfalls was a lot of fun though rather steep at some parts! But we had a great time!
And because we went on the Skyline Drive side (the part you pay) we have until Sunday to get back as many times as we like. I think we might manage to make it up that way one more time this week! Perhaps to find a different waterfall...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crazy Train Artfire May 27th

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Red Nugget Stone Bead Cocktail Ring

Sun Fire Banner and Avatar Design

Friday, May 25, 2012

Crazy Train Artfire May 25th

Classic red and white dress crocheted thread pot holder

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Staying Organized

Holy Batman!

Lots of things happening right now and the most challenging may be staying organized through it all. As I am in the process of closing the store I have started my new job already. Thus I had to scale back on the hours at the store and made the decision that as of the 1st - we will no longer ring up any merchandise. This will give me time to pack, clean and paint before I hand over the keys.

If you follow my facebook page you may know that I have shown off some of my work. It was in an effort to obtain a teaching position at a local retailer of arts and craft supplies and no it isn't Michaels.. ha! (not that I don't like them.. but it just isn't them). Pending my background check of course.. but I was just hired to work as a community service provider (i.e. therapist) thus I should be able to get this job too - starting in August unless she calls me for something in July.

Lets see, oh we went to look at a house. It's a nice house.. that NEEDS lots of TLC. It will entail a lot of work the next few months just to get it safe to live in - its mostly cosmetic BUT the previous owner/tenant left this place trashed... with their umm stuff. So it needs cleaned out - repaired - painted. It is a cute 2 bedroom with a loft - and discussions of an addition have already ensued.. but perhaps most importantly of it all - my own little studio will be happening - you know the kind where I can hide away - create but also teach classes... and sell my own creations right there!

My hope/plan is to take picture of the process.. you know have you be part of the transition as we get it from "oh just tear it down" to "OMG this is beautiful". The awesome part is I can design it the color scheme to my liking.. it has a wood stove.. it has a wooden beam.. small kitchen (expansion is planned) - 2 bathrooms (maybe turn it into one.. and/or laundry room).

And somewhere in there I need to create lol .. there's 2 weeks left of school - store closes next week in which packing/cleaning will ensue and I have clients scheduled.

Welcome to my crazy life ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crazy Train Rider on Artfire

Bracelet gold and black and pearl

Tapestry Handbag Purse Large Handmade

Black Cherry Dichroic Glass Wire Wrapped Teardrop

Lavender Exfoliating Soap Scrub Sugar with Lavender Buds

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I am heading into further transitions, which means I am letting you be part of it all... sort of... some of my inspirational posts will be handled over here Peaks of Inspiration! While the more practical ones with some insight will be happening here!

What you can expect is to hear about in parts is me transition from my brick and mortar store that I worked full time for the last year... heading into a part-time position as a therapist (my second and/or first job choice). You will probably see more creative works happening as that will be my counter balance to my professional position.

At some point my boys and I will be moving. I separated from my boyfriend in November (and were were together for awhile!) and we are now working on our relationship and are back together. He's been my backbone.. ya know the support ya need when things are just a tad-bit challenging? Yea that's him! So we are moving back in together - just waiting to see where... there is a place on the horizon but not definite yet... if it is "the" house then you will hear about additions being built.. workshop (for him) and a studio (for me)!! That should give me a year worth of blog posts!

So between our cooking adventures - creating and life... I should totally be able to feed this space here huh?

Well I am off - my future daughter-in-law is graduating today and we are going to help celebrate!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Start with Zoo - end with Pasta

Yesterday I went on a field trip with my son's 2nd grade class to the D.C. National Zoo. I'm one of those mom's  that at times thinks kids should enjoy those field trips without parents - but at the same time I am glad I went with him. Sometimes his sensory issues and anxiety show their head but we were able to manage them. There were a crazy amount of people there yesterday and in every building we went were that many people and after the third building it became a little too much. 

Anyway - what he did see he loved. My bonus? Seeing Betty White pass through as she was heading for a book signing.. couldn't a picture. but I think I can live with that :)  

At Lunch we had company from this Duck. My son just thought it was so cool to see Ducks hanging out

 He also just loved seeing the Orangutan - I just had noted that the zoo keeper was feeding them and so I asked my son to stick around for when they would let him out to eat.

My son's face.. was... well full of excitement.

If you have been to the D.C. Zoo you know the fish are inside - and they are HUGE. Lennon loves water and fish and did well for about 5 minutes and then the crowd got to him... but this things are HUGE!

When we got back it was dinner time!
This week we settled on homemade pasta with a meat sauce.
This week we obtained the recipe from for a Basic Pasta Recipe. 

This reminds me more of a Spaetzle (german egg noodle) more than anything.. But nonetheless they were delicious.. and I am eager to purchase a Pasta Machine because frankly I love the idea of knowing what goes in my food - don't you?
The sauce was made from canned tomato sauce (not ragu or prego) - added a big can of whole tomatoes and about 3/4 of tomato paste. Browned some meat - sauteed one onion and  3 garlic cloves. Add Italian Seasoning, Oregano, Pepper and little Salt.

While this may not be 100% from scratch - it was too late to cook up fresh tomatoes for a sauce (that needs really all day). But that's on my list in the future...

Overall it was a LONG and exhausting but fun day - ending it with a delicious note of Pasta! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Treasury Friday

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Alpaca and Sheep

Some time ago a friend of mine saw one of the BIG Sheep I crochet. She owns Alpaca's and said.. you know I go to fiber festivals.. could you make some.. Sheep and Alpaca's. Sure.. absolutely.. She sold one of the big ones.. and one of the little ones but none of the Alpaca's. 

 I will be listing these soon between now and oh say Sunday... all of them.. don't you think these are freaking cute? Soon they will appear in color... so stay tuned!

Vegetables :)

At the moment, I live in a small apartment - small meaning 3 bedrooms - kitchen - living room and bathroom. I have a front porch and a back porch.. big enough for me and 2 children.

I LOVE growing my own vegetables.. I don't care to raise my meat.. but vegetables.. yes that I can do. I know that there are NO chemicals on my vegetables and that's important on so many levels.

 I always loved growing my own vegetables and this year I am doing it in containers... well because my yard isn't really a yard... it is a patch of green with a tree in the middle - right next to the street.

So containers it is. One of the things I love growing my own food - no chemicals for me... no chemicals for my kids.. and my kids get to watch - observe and participate.

 I need to transplant some of these because the container's I have - you know the clementine crates - are not going to be the correct container.. but starting out your seeds etc I think they are perfect.. and they will probably work for some vegetables... like the beans.. but they are not really working for the watermelon, kohlrabi or radishes.
 But I absolutely love the idea of container gardening when one lives in an apartment and does not have the room - space or ability to garden outside with a garden bed. So this here is a perfect alternative to still grow your own fruits and vegetables rather than buying the ones that *maybe* have pesticide on them... and if you don't like to do this... well there is always the local Farmer's Market - and yes we believe in buying local and/or handmade/grown .. you get the point right?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Navigating through my Blog

You have come to this page because you typed in or you were sent here from an ad or any other possible way... but just how do you get to know my product? How to do you shop for it? How do you learn more about who exactly Hippie's Creations is?

I thought it would be fun to just talk a little bit about this blog of mine :)

I like to write about different things... like the fun stuff we cook on the weekends. During the week we tend to be quite busy and do the "quick" meal thing.. but on the weekends.. ahh yes we love to take our time and really cook.. expand on our current menu - for different things... for different taste.. even with the risk of it not being good at all!

I like to share some of my WIP (work in progress) Projects.. sometimes its fun sharing how I start something.. and how it progresses - even if it takes me months to finish the project. I stay busy with lots of things (mom, girlfriend, work, friend etc) - it sometimes takes time to start/finish it all.

I like to feature other Artists that I come across - hey that means you could send me something and I would post it too - I believe and follow the law of handmade buy local whenever I possibly can. I have very strong feelings about it actually :)

Occasionally, I will write about the business end of things - which certainly I could do more off.. and perhaps as I am going through another transition in my life this could happen. I think you will find that I have more time to create and share with you :) all of which you can read here: Peaks of Inspiration

Ok now to the purpose of this blog post... on top of the page you can see my pages.. the about me ..facebook link, twitter link, the patterns page.. etsy, artfire and handmade artist shop as well as ravelry... Option to learn about me.. to connect with me.. see what patterns I have published.. and of course where you could purchase the amazing creations I have to offer you.. or as my boyfriend has to offer you.. yea we are a couple of creative mechanisms :)

Don't like or are familiar with etsy or artfire.. you could go shopping straight from my shopping cart on the left... a paypal widget that I find terribly nifty... building a website is a daunting task (I used to do it.. from scratch all the time - le sigh) I love the idea of having a blog in which you could purchase from - because this way.. you know who you are buying from.. you are connecting with me on a personal level :)

You will see some of the teams I am part of either on etsy, artfire or even the handmade made artist shop

On the other side (right) you will see Hippie's Bath and Body and again the image of Peaks of Inspiration... two additional babies of mine... my bath and body company is getting ready to get a do-over... so you should stay tuned if you like :)  

 Further you will take note of blogs I like to read and follow for professional and personal reasons - and perhaps you may be interested in them as well.

And last but not least you see the blog archive :) because sometimes you just want to go back and see what else was written about!

I think it can be confusing sometimes getting to a blog that serves not only as a tool to connect with people but as a tool to make a living. I hope that I have made it as simple as possible in terms of your shopping experience - this for the moment seems to be working for me...

Thanks for reading :)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Saturday Night Cooking Fun

Coming from Europe my exposure to cuisine happened in multitude. One of my favorite things was and still is Tzatziki sauce for my gyros.

This past Saturday however this cucumber garlic dill dip was used for a rather different recipe!

We made Bifteki Burger Sandwiches!                                                  It was an interesting twist on hamburger meat! The combination of mint, onion and feta cheese mixed into the meat and then served with the tzatziki sauce... everyone should try this! 

We served Spinach Salad with Mandarin Oranges and Walnuts with a Honey Dijon Dressing - we didn't make this ourselves.. was a tadbit spicy but the oranges gave it a nice little balance!

We also made creamy mashed potatoes with greek yogurt and ranch dressing powder and garlic ( we LOVE garlic).
The assembly was fun and simple - use a baguette instead of hamburger buns, spread with the tzatziki sauce, add slices of tomatoes and dig on.

This is definitely a recipe I will cook again... and I am able to enjoy leftovers too :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pizza Night

We love to cook and we decided that if we aren't doing anything outside of the house on a Friday night... then it should be pizza night.. and not the same pizza over and over... but explore something new each week - broaden our horizon's a bit. If you read the blog last week you know we made a basic Pepperoni - Onion Pizza for me and for my partner's side he added olives...

This week we went with Plain Cheese Pizza for Lennon! Lennon is still in the process of learning about Food due to his lengthy health struggle and his genetic disorder - currently he is on a Pizza kick and so this works out great... 

 For me I made a white Pizza with Spinach, Tomato, Feta Cheese and a blend of other cheeses... I am not unfamiliar with this and thought this would be great treat.. and OMG it was

The guys had themselves a pepperoni, ham, pineapple, black and green olive pizza.. note that only one side had the olives :) they tell me it was delicious! 

 For dessert we had homemade black raspberry cobble with sugar biscuits - oh so yummy - 100% made from scratch - noted that Lemon juice was missing - but still a super hit after a delicious Pizza!