Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Navigating through my Blog

You have come to this page because you typed in or you were sent here from an ad or any other possible way... but just how do you get to know my product? How to do you shop for it? How do you learn more about who exactly Hippie's Creations is?

I thought it would be fun to just talk a little bit about this blog of mine :)

I like to write about different things... like the fun stuff we cook on the weekends. During the week we tend to be quite busy and do the "quick" meal thing.. but on the weekends.. ahh yes we love to take our time and really cook.. expand on our current menu - for different things... for different taste.. even with the risk of it not being good at all!

I like to share some of my WIP (work in progress) Projects.. sometimes its fun sharing how I start something.. and how it progresses - even if it takes me months to finish the project. I stay busy with lots of things (mom, girlfriend, work, friend etc) - it sometimes takes time to start/finish it all.

I like to feature other Artists that I come across - hey that means you could send me something and I would post it too - I believe and follow the law of handmade buy local whenever I possibly can. I have very strong feelings about it actually :)

Occasionally, I will write about the business end of things - which certainly I could do more off.. and perhaps as I am going through another transition in my life this could happen. I think you will find that I have more time to create and share with you :) all of which you can read here: Peaks of Inspiration

Ok now to the purpose of this blog post... on top of the page you can see my pages.. the about me ..facebook link, twitter link, the patterns page.. etsy, artfire and handmade artist shop as well as ravelry... Option to learn about me.. to connect with me.. see what patterns I have published.. and of course where you could purchase the amazing creations I have to offer you.. or as my boyfriend has to offer you.. yea we are a couple of creative mechanisms :)

Don't like or are familiar with etsy or artfire.. you could go shopping straight from my shopping cart on the left... a paypal widget that I find terribly nifty... building a website is a daunting task (I used to do it.. from scratch all the time - le sigh) I love the idea of having a blog in which you could purchase from - because this way.. you know who you are buying from.. you are connecting with me on a personal level :)

You will see some of the teams I am part of either on etsy, artfire or even the handmade made artist shop

On the other side (right) you will see Hippie's Bath and Body and again the image of Peaks of Inspiration... two additional babies of mine... my bath and body company is getting ready to get a do-over... so you should stay tuned if you like :)  

 Further you will take note of blogs I like to read and follow for professional and personal reasons - and perhaps you may be interested in them as well.

And last but not least you see the blog archive :) because sometimes you just want to go back and see what else was written about!

I think it can be confusing sometimes getting to a blog that serves not only as a tool to connect with people but as a tool to make a living. I hope that I have made it as simple as possible in terms of your shopping experience - this for the moment seems to be working for me...

Thanks for reading :)