Thursday, May 24, 2012

Staying Organized

Holy Batman!

Lots of things happening right now and the most challenging may be staying organized through it all. As I am in the process of closing the store I have started my new job already. Thus I had to scale back on the hours at the store and made the decision that as of the 1st - we will no longer ring up any merchandise. This will give me time to pack, clean and paint before I hand over the keys.

If you follow my facebook page you may know that I have shown off some of my work. It was in an effort to obtain a teaching position at a local retailer of arts and craft supplies and no it isn't Michaels.. ha! (not that I don't like them.. but it just isn't them). Pending my background check of course.. but I was just hired to work as a community service provider (i.e. therapist) thus I should be able to get this job too - starting in August unless she calls me for something in July.

Lets see, oh we went to look at a house. It's a nice house.. that NEEDS lots of TLC. It will entail a lot of work the next few months just to get it safe to live in - its mostly cosmetic BUT the previous owner/tenant left this place trashed... with their umm stuff. So it needs cleaned out - repaired - painted. It is a cute 2 bedroom with a loft - and discussions of an addition have already ensued.. but perhaps most importantly of it all - my own little studio will be happening - you know the kind where I can hide away - create but also teach classes... and sell my own creations right there!

My hope/plan is to take picture of the process.. you know have you be part of the transition as we get it from "oh just tear it down" to "OMG this is beautiful". The awesome part is I can design it the color scheme to my liking.. it has a wood stove.. it has a wooden beam.. small kitchen (expansion is planned) - 2 bathrooms (maybe turn it into one.. and/or laundry room).

And somewhere in there I need to create lol .. there's 2 weeks left of school - store closes next week in which packing/cleaning will ensue and I have clients scheduled.

Welcome to my crazy life ;)